Agape – Universal Love. The call To Be in Immediate Presence.

Blue Whale in San Ignacio, Baja California

Following in the path of a Blue Whale – the largest creature that has ever lived on Earth – as she exhales, and then breathes in for the last time before diving into the depths of the sea to feed. To feel the sound of the breath resonating through me from this beautiful and magnificent creature brought me into Immediate Presence, stilling the mind. In that shared communion I know that all life is sacred – all an expression of the One – Logos.

The whole Cosmos, the whole of existence, is a manifestation of the conscious breath; the continual creative unfolding of Logos.

hs ultra deep field 2012Logos, Conscious Breath and Agape – Universal Love are all ways of expressing the same Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of Life – which is beyond the comprehension of intellect and the thinking mind.


When you breathe consciously you are engaging with the whole of life as a human who is conscious of Being.
And life as a whole responds to your awakening.

This is the initiation into Genesis (Bereshith in Hebrew), the continual creation of life in all its diversity and magnificent abundance. Such awakened moments may only be fleeting at first. Often we find them too much, become fearful and shut down. But the Ruach Elohim, the Creative Spirit of Being – Absolute Life, is a continual pressure, continually seeking to be known within the heart of every human who chooses to awaken to it. Every living thing is an expression of this continual, abundant, creative outpouring.

Sun2 copy copy

When we look at the Sun we are only seeing its core. We have not yet consciously realized that we actually live within the Sun.  The Earth and all the planets of the Solar System are continually being created within the Sun’s great body.

Our spiritual responsibility is to awaken to the whole of life – to meet with all life forms consciously as a human Being. All life is an expression of Being.

This can be understood in 1 Cor 13:11–12, where the metaphor of leaving childhood and becoming an adult is used. In the Greek nepios, the child is the untaught, and unskilled unconscious state, without the inner knowledge and  understanding that requires no words or mental interpreting. This emerges out of deep inner silence when we allow ourselves To Be. The adult, aner,  is a term used to mean psychological maturity, and spiritual comprehension that comes from being Present with all our attention within the continual unfolding of Life. I have written the following translation in such a way to bring out the nuances in the Greek text.

“When I was a child, I spoke without knowledge, I lacked understanding, I reasoned without knowledge or wisdom; when I became an adult, I deprived those childish ways of their power and influence over me. For now we discern as in a darkened mirror, but then in immediate presence (face to face). Now my Gnosis is partial, but then I will know, as I Am known.” 1Cor 13:11–12.

When we are psychologically infantile we see the rest of life as there for me or us to exploit and take regardless of the suicidal destruction and inevitable life negating consequences. This extreme egocentric behaviour, in which our inner emptiness and pollution manifest as greed and outer pollution, is poisoning the air, the rivers and seas, and the very soil and ground rock that gives us life on this Earth. This pollution affects how we structure our financial systems, causing extreme forms of  poverty, and gives us a rapacious consumerism and the perpetual illusion of the need to go to war.

Earth and Moon - Hubble images

When I contemplate the Earth with its Moon, hanging like living jewels in space, I feel the urgency of the call to awaken, given voice through the Shama Yisrael.

“Shama: Listen with your full attention. Awaken the Soul (Israel) now, all you peoples of the Earth. Yahveh, To Be – Being is our Elohim; Yahveh, To Be – Being, the intense stillness of Immediate Presence, the Source of continual creative outpouring into life in all its forms, is One. The One is the peace of Eternal Presence.”  (My translation of the Shama Yisrael.) 

To take up the plough of spiritual awakening is to become an Adult in the spiritual sense: a Human Being. This is to take responsibility; there is no looking back, we keep our hand to the plough through all the pain and difficulties. Then as we take each step as consciously as we can, the Peace of the immediate presence grows stronger in us, dissolving all separation and all the needless pain and suffering we inflict upon each other, our fellow creatures, and the Earth itself. And in our awakening we can begin to take our consciousness deeper into the unfolding life of the Cosmos, deeper into the formless creative Spirit that animates and sustains everything in existence.

Agape – Universal Love


The sound of the breath resonating from a gray whale mother as she surfaces with her calf in the San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California. Agape – Universal Love wells up from deep within us, beyond all our transient and changeable feelings. It is  Love for all life within the great community of the Earth.

Agape – Universal Love, is synonymous with spiritual awakening, or consciousness becoming aware of itself, in the deepening of connection with life in all its forms. When we are intensely present we are given the opportunity to meet in communion with Life in all its diversity and realise that all this magnificent beauty comes from the One – Logos. To practice Agape in our daily lives is to join in communion with the whole of created existence.

Earth - NASA images

When we make our idea of Love small,
we make ourselves small.
Agape – Universal Love is to take responsibility for our place within the Earth Community. Love is the continual creative outpouring through every living thing – every creature,
each moment of every day.

This is the inner meaning of Receiving Logos. 

Agape is beyond what the ego thinks of as love. The transient nature of the unconscious mind separates life into subject and object and seeks to find completeness outside of itself through clinging to ephemeral forms, which it seeks to possess as ego identities. These phantoms can arise as images of love in our relationships which turn all too quickly into their opposites. These same phantom thought forms also cause us to associate love with the accumulation of money, power and possessions as wealth. This causes a disconnection with the natural world: our fellow creatures become mere commodities for us to exploit and destroy, rather than being realised as the manifestation of Divine Love, the true wealth out of which we ourselves emerge.

6_mpala_white_rhino.jpg -

White Rhino and her calf. Heavy poaching means that these animals may soon be extinct in their diminishing habitats in Africa. Other endangered species in Africa now include the Elephant and the Lion. When these creatures vanish from the landscape, a whole ecological web of life goes with them. From the human perspective we are not just destroying our children’s inheritance, we are also committing mass suicide.


Agape – Love, is Universal Creative Power.

For if I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit (Anthropos) and the voices of Angels (the Patterns of Creation) but have not Agape (Unconditional/universal Love), then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel, the clamouring of restless and raging passions. And though I have inspired prophecies and insights into the mysteries, and all gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and such faith that I could remove mountains, and have not Agape, I am nothing. 

And if I give away all my possessions to the poor, and give the vitality of my body to burn as a shining light showing the way, but have not Agape in me, I gain nothing.  

Agape stays constant, is patient and kind; Agape does not envy or hate – knows no anger; Agape does not boast, and has no pride; it is not coarse or rude, does not insist upon its own way: is not irritable or easily provoked; it is not resentful, injurious or destructive. It does not rejoice at finding wrong but rejoices at goodness, beauty and truth; it bears all these things, believes all these things, endures all these things. 

What we can know is only ever partial, our prophetic visions are only ever partial, but when that which is perfect comes (the peace of completion/Oneness with the continual creative outpouring,) the imperfect will pass away.   1 Cor 13:1-10 (My translation)

Dawn on the Sea of Galilee.

Dawn on the Sea of Galilee.

The source of Agape is stillness and silence; the Peace of Presence.

Out of silent Presence, comes the continual outpouring of birdsong and the waters lapping on the shore.

The movement in sound, vision and texture of countless living forms.

The music of the planets, the Glory of the Sun and the other Stars.

IMG_1122Listening is an art: in order to listen, become still and silent inside. If you think you are listening, you are not truly listening, there is mental noise covering the silence: inner silence is no thought.

Be still; take a conscious breath and enter Agape  from there.

Unless we can embrace the magnificence, elegance and beauty of nature, the Earth, the Sun and the other Stars, realising our deep connectivity, we cannot comprehend the depths of Agape.

DSCF0836 copyAgape is not limited to human relationship, or to God loving humanity, as if we humans were some kind of separate and special entity from the vast, all embracing creative power of the Cosmos, that continually manifestes the living Earth.


Every Galaxy is a living manifestation of the continual Creative outpouring of Elohim. Our Earth and all its life forms are part of one such glorious manifestation.

Universal and unconditional Love means that we awaken to the whole web of life, and begin to co-create with God, with the totality of the universe, rather than our current path of destroying life.


Before and after images of tar sands mining in Alberta. From

To destroy the web of life on Earth is the greatest evil we can do, no matter how hard we try and justify our actions.

sunrise-earthTo practice Agape is to work with the voices of angels and archangels in manifesting the web of life in co-creation with Elohim. In Hebrew, Elohim means Absolute life, Being of Beings – the source of all created Life.

Any human that lives in Agape – Universal Love becomes a human – Being: we no longer separate the Presence of Elohim from the Cosmos and the Natural world, which are the physical manifestation of the Creative Spirit of Elohim. When we  consciously choose to awaken spiritually we are at-one with Elohim in the vast creative outpouring into the Cosmos and Nature. This is the gift you can bring to the community of the Earth.


Meditation on the Conscious Breath


Consciousness — the light of the Logos — expresses itself through the diversity of life; this is the beauty of creation  that gives you everything you need, and that is always present and accessible.

Breathe consciously and realize that you are intimately connected to the abundant creative flow of life that manifests the Cosmos. All that the ego seeks to possess is an illusion, which is a primary cause of all suffering. When we release ourselves from the needs and fears of the ego we become free; free To Be with life, allowing it to support us, becoming One with its creative outpouring. This is the very essence of the teachings in John’s Gospel.   

Focus on the breath for a few moments. Be aware of your spinal cord as the axis that unites the physical and spiritual worlds. Focus all your attention on the energy that manifests and sustains your body. Do not let the mind distract you by attaching judgments or identifying with what you see, hear, or feel. Feel this vital energy as a sphere that is expanding about you from your center. Feel it flowing into every part of your body, and connecting you to all that is perceived as external.

Now, become aware of the space that surrounds the energy — within and about you; be aware of the silence containing all sound, and the ever-present stillness out of which all movement occurs. At your very core, is the center of consciousness connecting you to the whole of life; continually manifesting in the Earth, the Solar system, the galaxy and the Cosmos.

All that is perceived as external is present within you; it is timeless, it is here, now.


Triple circles tree 1

Geometric Drawing of the Tree of Life. From Patterns of Creation
by Stephen Pope

This meditation is from the Book “Patterns of Creation. Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John” Stephen Pope Axis Mundi Books 2012 Available from 

Agape – Unconditional Love


If I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit and of Angels but have not Love, then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel, the clamouring of restless and raging passions.”
The roaring of the incoming evening tide as the Earth rotates away from the constant presence of the Sun.

The Greek word Agape means Unconditional love, which comes from conscious presence, beyond the concepts of the mind. Agape is Love that has no opposite; it cannot become hate or anger, is non reactive. Agape is Love that endures in the face of what appears to be hopeless and insurmountable problems, desperate and unforgivable situations. Agape is conscious presence, which is a constant pressure welling up from deep within you.

It is easy to sentimentalize such images, or equally to dismiss them as merely instinctual: the bonding between mother and her newborn is essential for the health and vitality of the individual creature and each particular species

This idea of Love is difficult for us to comprehend and realise in ourselves, so we run away from it, hide from it, because to embrace it, we must first drop all our ego positions and identities. The poem of 1 Corinthians 13:1-10 gives us some insights into what this means.

To translate a mystical poem from Biblical Greek is not easy, it is not the same as changing ideas from one modern language into another. Like Love itself, there are many layers, and translating is an art, an unveiling that reveals deeper aspects of ourselves as we engage with the text without fear of loss.

The beauty of this poem on conscious love speaks to the heart, and is why I have heard it read at so many weddings, funerals, and other occasions that mark important transitions in peoples lives. Agape is an opening to the universe – to the conjunction of male and female, the human spirit and God. Agape is our natural state, and holds the key to deepening awareness of the unity of all life, and points the way forward if we are to break free of all needless pain and suffering.

The translation of the first ten verses of the poem given below is an approximation of the nuances contained within the Greek text.

If I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit (Anthropos) and of Angels but have not Agape (Unconditional Love), then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel, the clamouring of restless and raging passions.

And though I have inspired prophecies and insights into the mysteries, and all gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and such faith that I could remove mountains, and have not Agape, I am nothing.

And if I give away all my possessions to the poor, and give my body to burn as a shining light showing the way, but have not Agape in me, I gain nothing.  

Agape stays constant, is patient and kind, Agape does not envy or hate – knows no anger; Agape does not boast, and has no pride, it is not coarse or rude, does not insist upon its own way: it is not irritable (easily provoked) or resentful (injurious/destructive.) It does not rejoice at finding wrong but rejoices at goodness and truth; it bears all things, believes all things, endures all things. 

What we can know is only partial, our prophetic visions are only ever partial, but when that which is perfect comes (the peace of completion/Oneness with the creative outpouring,) the imperfect will pass away.   

Star birth cloud - Hubble images

Star birth cloud – new birth formed by the creative power of Absolute life is continually present within the universe.

Agape is the creative passion of the universe for continual renewal. Renewal can come out of intimate relationships and it can come out of death and the dissolving of forms.

Dying star - Hubble telescope

The death of a star seeds space with new life, and new possibilities. The atoms and particles that formed our Solar system, the Earth, with all its sentient life, and all the elements that make up your physical body are the result of such a death – as it transforms into a creative outpouring of life.

Agape is unaltered in the face of calamity, danger, and the difficulties that we face in our every day lives. Agape is accepting not knowing: faith in the continual creativity of the universe – far beyond the understanding of the mind.

Agape enters a consciously receptive vessel: inner silence: inner peace, which means stillness.

The mouth of a cave on the Island of Patmos at dawn

The mouth of a cave on the Island of Patmos at dawn: the place of the revelation is here within you now.

In Agape is the realisation that by staying alive to the creativity that continually flows into the universe, creativity will arise in you as it does. This is to enter paradise here, now; to realise the Kingdom of Heaven, here, now; to find true freedom, here, now. You do not have to wait until your physical body dies to access this living reality, but come to a deeper realisation of the essence of life within you now.

Agape as Love is beyond what the mind thinks of as love; I will explore this theme in greater depth over the coming months.

The Light of the Cosmos

The light of the Sun seen piercing through clouds in the beautiful Connemara national park, Eire. The light shimmers off the surface

John 8:12 Jesus spoke anew to them saying; “I exist as presence – Being –  the spiritual light of the Cosmos. Whoever walks in presence step for step (through conscious living) shall not walk through life in spiritual darkness (the unconsciousness of ignorance) but will hold (within them) the spiritual light of all life – the living breath.” (My translation)

Pilgrims climbing Cruach Phádraig (Croagh Patrick), Co Mayo, Eire on St Patrick’s Day.

The Peak of Cruach Phádraig shrouded in cloud. Climbing the mountain symbolises the ascension in consciousness into the Presence of God.

In the Gospels conscious living is symbolised by light. This means to be as fully present to life as you can be. This can also be called Love, for Love is consciousness, it is universal. As we awaken we fluctuate between ego love which fears rejection, feels hurt, seeks revenge and hates – and Universal Love that has no opposite – no fear. This is how we learn the difference between the Love – Light of conscious presence – that Jesus speaks of, and the love of the ego.

The Sharpness of light from the winter Solstice Sun on Ballybunion strand, Co Kerry, Eire.

Newgrange Neolithic site dating from around 3200 BCE, Co Meath, Eire. It is aligned with the rising sun, which floods the interior stone chamber with light at dawn on the winter solstice. The inner passageway and end chamber is set out in the shape of a classical Celtic Cross, also depicting the six directions of space.

Newgrange Neolithic site dating from around 3200 BCE, Co Meath, Eire. It is aligned with the rising sun, which floods the interior stone chamber with light at dawn on the winter solstice. The inner passageway and end chamber is set out in the shape of a classical Celtic Cross, also depicting the six directions of space.

The Hill of Tara represents the sacred centre of Ireland and the six directions of Space that radiate from it. Seen here on a summer’s day, with the land shrouded in cloud, mist and rain.

The centre of the great circle of Life exists at the core of every human being, whether we are aware of it or not.  The presence of God that we seek is already within us and cannot be hidden. If you would only become still and silent you would feel God’s Presence now, opening your heart.

Logos and the conscious breath

When you breathe consciously you are taking light into your body, which itself, is made from particles of light.

We are born into life on this Earth to learn to abide in the Eternal Presence that the Gospel of John calls Logos.

There is never a time or place when the Presence of Logos is not here with us, yet when we become lost in our unconscious thoughts, words and actions, believing only in a personalised sense of self, we lose awareness of the Eternal Presence that continually creates and sustains every living thing, and is the animating presence of life within us. 

The Earth showing Antartica and the South Pole – When we breathe consciously we stand at the centre of the universe and witness the unfolding of creation through the six directions of space.

The creative patterns of Logos are held within the body – continually bringing forth new life. We are breathed by the Eternal Presence of Life into the World.

Take a conscious breath: as you breathe with awareness, stilling the mind, you are connecting with the creative unfolding of life. Through the conscious breath, be aware of your Solar Plexus as a radiant point, beneath and behind the heart and lungs – expanding out into the six directions of space.

The Sun is a physical manifestation of the continual outpouring of creative life – the Patterns of Creation continually emerge out of the beginning of the universe which is here with us now.

Be aware of your spinal column from the coccyx at the base of the spine to the first of the seven cervical vertebrae at the top. As you breathe from the solar plexus, feel the spine supporting you, allowing your life force to expand with each breath, releasing any tensions you are holding in your body, and stilling the mind into the Eternal Presence of Logos as a living reality.

Become aware of the central stillness out of which each breath emerges, and into which it returns.

You are rooted in the eternal present as I Am – Being: out of which everything is created, formed and made into the life of the Cosmos.

Space holds all life in creative presence, out of which every living thing is continually formed and made: from the tiniest subatomic particles to the great galaxies that seed life throughout the Cosmos.
You are continually held by the universe: this is Logos.

If you can be aware that all movement is supported by stillness, all sound by silence, then you are beginning to experience something of the meaning of Logos.

The conscious breath

The way of the Heart

To breathe consciously as the Sun emerges over the horizon in the morning, or disappears below the horizon in the evening, opens the heart to the eternal presence of God within the rhythms and cycles of life.

As you learn to breathe consciously, you become aware of your inner peace, a presence, out of which all movement occurs.

The Sun appears over the Jordanian hills. In the still, silence of the dawn, its reflected light shimmers on the Sea of Galilee, sending a pathway of dancing light into the heart.

To possess peace (in Hebrew – Jerusalem) is to enter through the door spoken of in the Gospel of John.

“I Am the door. If anyone enters through that which I possess they shall be made whole (healed), and will go within, and go out, and meet with the abundance of life.”

John10:9 (my translation.)

Dawn seen from within the steeple on Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, England. The Tor symbolises the sacred centre which exists as the heart of every human being.

I Am — Being  supports all movement that flows through all of the life within and about you in abundance and harmony.

As you breathe consciously, you are clearing the way to realizing inner space.

The beauty of a North African Sky as the evening draws in, a few days into the new year. The songs of thousands of gathering migrant birds echo back and forth across the valley adding their symphony to the colourful textures.

This space is transpersonal, it is always present within you, and is only lost through the weight of thought forms that remove the peace of presence. In your innermost room, your sanctuary, cleared of all thoughts and emotional distractions, there is nothing to separate you from the eternal presence of life.

The Breath of Life. You are a Tree of Life within the Patterns of creation. Everything you think of as external exists within you now.

Take a conscious breath: be aware of your Heart and Solar Plexus as a radiant point deep within you: “In the beginning the Logos was.” The beginning of creation is here, now, resonating within you, and within all of life.

Logos and The Patterns of Creation

“Sunset” – Baja California. As the Earth rotates away from the core of the Sun, light refracts through the water vapours of the Earth’s atmosphere and reflects off the surface of the San Ignacio Lagoon on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Logos, the essence of every living thing, cannot be defined through language it can only be felt as the Presence out of which all forms arise and into which they dissolve. Logos points to who you really are as conscious Being. This is your essence, your centre, where you are One with all life.

For thousands of years humans have sought to depict the creative patterns of life emerging out of unity, using geometry and mathematics.
Tile from the Roman Temple on the site of the Great Mosque in Cordoba, Spain, illustrating the flower of life: diversity continually emerges out of unity.

The flower of Life is a depiction of the Patterns of Creation that exist throughout the Cosmos. All life emerging out of nothing that we can say is anything, and diversifying through the continual play of forms.

The world and all forms of life, visible and invisible emerge out of Logos, are sustained by Logos, and dissolve back into Logos.

The mind is always looking for something external, and language always makes a separation between subject and object, but Logos has no object. To realise Logos is to go beyond subject – object relationship. As you consciously observe life within form, you are  becoming aware of the formless essence out of which all form continually emerges: this is Logos. Logos is who you really are at the deepest level of Being.  Awareness, consciousness or whatever words we choose, cannot become an object – there is nothing external to look or search for. Logos, is inclusive not exclusive. It is not a separate being in the world: it is the essence of all life and its realisation through the diversity of all life.

The Tree of Life – consciousness realises consciousness within the patterns of creation.

Any spiritual experience you may have has a beginning and end. It comes into the mind and leaves again. But to realise Logos is to go beyond any experience held in the mind.

The continual creation of life out of formless Presence is here, now. When you awaken spiritually, and your attention is fully in the present moment, you live in Logos. When you return to the mind dominated by the ego, you lose consciousness of Logos, and it appears as if it recedes from you.

There is nowhere for Logos to go: Presence is always here, always now. It is the ego dominated mind caught up in compulsive thinking, that loses awareness of the unity of life, the still space from which creative power continually foams forth.

The Earth rotating away from the Sun’s core is observed across the Atlantic Ocean, Belle Isle, Brittany, France. We live within the Aura of the Sun, which sustains all life on Earth, and all the planets within the the Solar system. The Sun is a star in a Galaxy, one of millions of Galaxies that make up the life of the visible Cosmos.

In Logos there is no “me” who is going to be “enlightened,”  “perfect,” or “saved” in some future point in time. Logos is the I Am Presence that is the essence of every human form, and all that exists in the Cosmos: every living thing, all times and all places are realised as One: there is no mind made separation. 

Mary Magdalene – the Divine Feminine.

Who is Mary Magdalene? The figure we meet in the gospels is commonly understood as a repentant whore, redeemed by her devotion to a male saviour. She is sometimes imagined as the consort of Jesus, or the beloved disiple. But in all cases she remains a woman, defined by her sexuality and her relationships.

To understand the true power of Mary Magdalene, we need to put all these images away, and understand her as a figure symbolic of our deepest inner abilities.

Mary Magdalene symbolises your ability to bring the stillness and silence of Divine Presence, and the creative power of the universe, to Earth. You yourself are rooted in the Divine and have the latent capacity to bring Divine Presence, and the abundant creativity that flows from it, into the physical world. (From the teachings in Patterns of Creation Axis Mundi Books 2012)

Divinity is Beyond Gender

Before we go any further, it is esential to understand that the Hebrew names  of God – or Divine attributes – that are given in the Bible are beyond gender. We have been misled for thousands of years by the patriarchal mindset that interprets the Divine as  masculine.

Here are a few of the most commonly used Hebrew names of God, with their meanings:

Ehieh – I AM;  

Jahveh – To be-Presence – Fullness of Life;

Elohim – Absolute life, source of every living thing;

Shekinah – Presence.

All these Hebrew names denote the formless essence and unity of life, containing the potential of both Feminine and Masculine. 

Elohim appears in the first verse of Genesis as the creator of Heaven and Earth. The stillness of Divine Presence continually gives birth to the creative spiritual universe, which is the formless beginning of space-time. Creation is not a past event: it is the ever-present here – now. From out of this formless creative movement comes all the form and matter of the cosmos.


Artistic depiction of the Creator as Goddess; the Divine Feminine – art collection, Musee d’Orsay, Paris

To the unconscious mind matter appears fixed and solid. Through spiritual awakening, we begin to see the depths of the heavenly universe that underlies the material world. In other words – “the Kingdom of Heaven is here now.” Mary Magdalene represents the awakening of this realisation within us.

infant stars

The birthplace of infant Stars in deep space – NASA, Hubble telescope image.

Mary as the Triple Goddess

In the Gospels Mary is a re-working of Isis the triple Goddess: her aspects are Bride, Mother, and Grandmother – wisdom keeper, and guardian of the natural world.

Mary as Mother: “The Hebrew name Miriam (Mary) can be translated in various ways, but the letters taken as Hebrew ciphers mean; the flow of creative mutable power, containing as principles, the seeds of absolute life; Creative Presence in Space – as Space, which allows life to take form, and become all that we experience as the physical world, the Earth and the Cosmos. It is for this reason she is called the Divine Mother, the Womb of Space, and the Great fertile Ocean.” (From the Book – Patterns of Creation.)

Mary as Bride: As the Bride she is called Mary Magdalene: In Hebrew Migdal means “tower,” “fortress:” that is, a deepening awareness of inner creative strength and conscious presence that exists as your core or essence. In Aramaic (spoken Hebrew), “Magdala” means “tower” and “elevation, to grow great, and magnificence.” This means to grow great and to elevate consciousness in the spiritual sense. 

Looking out from a fortified tower – Queribus fortress, Languedoc, France.

The fortified tower of Chateau de Queribus, Languedoc, France.

Magdalene symbolizes an elevated place of consciousness where you can see with clarity of vision, and the power and strength to hold space, in which creativity can take place in each moment.

Magdalene represents the central conduit of consciousness within the six directions of space, connecting I AM – presence with spirit (the formless), soul (form), and matter (the body).

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life.
As you begin to breathe consciously, the six directions of space, blossom from the central core.

Mary magdalene as Connectivity

Mary Magdalene represents your initiation into higher awareness. This often comes as a result of changes taking place in your life that are not always comfortable. However such changes are necessary as they open the way to the realization of a greater consciousness than the mind, and deepening awareness of the universal creative powers of life flowing through you. She is the path, or way, of honesty spoken about in various biblical stories.

Magdalene is the stillness behind all movement; supporting all life. When you silence the mind, you begin to notice that all movement continually emerges out of this stillness: the creative powers of the universe expressing themselves continuously through the diversity of all life. Through the conscious breath, you begin to feel that you are  intimately connected to the whole of life. (From the teachings in Patterns of Creation) 

Entering the Cave of the Magdalene


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek”
Joseph Cambell


Looking into the Cave is the inner reflection that nurtures and gives birth to Wisdom.

Mary the Wisdom Keeper – The Gospel of Mary

Little known until recently is the Gospel according to Mary (Magdalene), fragments of which were found in the Nag Hammadi manuscripts and also some later texts, circa fifth century, belonging to the Coptic Church.

Her teachings focus on the dissolution of thought forms in which we are entrapped, the end of the illusions of separation from the One and the Good.

The teachings of Mary Magdalene do not ask you to believe in anything. Instead you are asked to become the Magdalene, which means to awaken in yourself the ability to still and silence your mind, and realize the creative space that exists within you now, and that is accessible to you now. (From Patterns of Creation)

This is to be a conscious human being, taking responsibility for your inner world and what you do and say in the outer world.

You awaken from the dream of identification with form, and are no longer dominated by the unconscious mind; your own or that of anybody else.


Grai 3 enlarged

Mary Magdalene as the receptive vessel – refracting light makes a Grail like image on the horizon. Atlantic coast, Belle Isle, Brittany, France.

Mary as spiritually evolving humanity.

In her story Mary Magdalene is referred to as someone who prostitutes herself. Although our sexuality and our creative spiritual life are one, it is not simply the sexual aspect of our creativity that the stories referr to.

What Mary prostitutes as a young – which means unaware and inexperienced – woman are her creative powers. This is the condition of all spiritually unconscious humans – men as well as women.

When we are unconscious – spiritually – we identify ourselves with our unobserved thoughts. We then become possessed by emotionally charged thought forms.

This is the root all our anxieties and fears and all our egotistical behavior. Whilst we are in this unconscious state we give away our inner powers to those who would use us or take advantage of us.

Maria Magdlene, 1899 {{Creator:Wiktor Michajlowitsch Wassnezow}} The Russian Museum

Mary Magdalene is a meditation  in which you hold  Conscious Presence.
Icon of Mary Magdalene depicting her discovery of the empty tomb in which the body of Jesus had been laid. She is carrying a pitcher of Myrrh. 

The Feminine Face of the Christ

Mary becomes aware of Jesus and then the Christ in herself, not as a separate person but as her own inner creative spirit and Being.

This is the end of a subject – object relationship with life; knower and known are realized as One.

Christ contains the essence of both female and male. Christ is a state of consciousness – the realisation of your own Being.

Jesus (Greek) Joshua (Hebrew) is the personification of the creative spirit of every human being.

Mary as bride is the feminine aspect of the Christ, and her inner marriage, is to be an enlightened human being.

As you yourself realize this you no longer give away or lose your creative powers, but contain, and use them with awareness. As a spiritually conscious human being you can no longer be used or manipulated by your own ego, or the unconscious egocentric people around you. You are then able to help others find this ability in themselves.


Sunset fire on the sea – Belle Isle, Brittany, France.

This is the realization of what Magdalene symbolizes and points to within you.


Sunset on Belle Isle, Brittany, France.

As an awakened human being you are aware of the world of forms in which you move. At the same time, there is increased awareness of the formless creative presence out of which all form continually emerges, and into which it continually dissolves.

At your core is the source of all consciousness, which the Greek texts of the gospels call the Christos, the Eternal Presence within humanity that gives space in which creative life unfolds.


The light of the Sun seen piercing through clouds in the beautiful Connemara national park, Eire. The light shimmers off the surface

According to the Judeo-Christian Mystical tradition God cannot be contained by existence, and is nothing that we can say is anything. God is referred to as the limitless light that manifests all that exists. God – No-thing, expresses life through every created thing, yet cannot be contained by any created thing nor by the entirety of creation. Light symbolises the Divine presence, and consciousness of the spiritual universe which is without form.

Communion with God comes through our conscious connection with life  which is beyond any ceremony or religious symbolism we might use. Communion takes place whenever and wherever we are receptive to life with all our attention: life is the presence of God manifest through the diversity of all that exists: what we experience through our senses as the external world. Ultimately communion takes us beyond all form.

Communion is the overflowing cup of abundant life which exists in all things. Whenever you awaken spiritually you are a vessel for the Divine, a focal point of consciousness in which the universe perceives itself, in which God beholds God.

This is the miracle of the eucharist which is beyond its symbols of bread and wine.

Communion becomes a permanent shift in consciousness when you accept the eternal presence of universal life into the vessel of the Soul. This means accepting the present moment:  It is timeless and connects you not only with your fellow humans, but with every creature that makes up the vast and diverse web of life.

Learn to be with nature and expand your sense of self: the spirit of life speaks through its many voices to One who is receptive: consciously present.

It was said by one of the great teachers of the second Temple period in Jerusalem that spiritual teaching can only be passed on to someone who already knows (is already awakening spiritually.) This says two things: that the art of consciously receiving can only be passed on to someone who is already experiencing the sense of  peace and unconditional love that comes from the stillness of conscious presence.  And that no teacher can give you anything that you do not already possess: all that any spiritual teacher can do is help bring to your awareness what you already possess.