Logos and the conscious breath

When you breathe consciously you are taking light into your body, which itself, is made from particles of light.

We are born into life on this Earth to learn to abide in the Eternal Presence that the Gospel of John calls Logos.

There is never a time or place when the Presence of Logos is not here with us, yet when we become lost in our unconscious thoughts, words and actions, believing only in a personalised sense of self, we lose awareness of the Eternal Presence that continually creates and sustains every living thing, and is the animating presence of life within us. 

The Earth showing Antartica and the South Pole – When we breathe consciously we stand at the centre of the universe and witness the unfolding of creation through the six directions of space.
The creative patterns of Logos are held within the body – continually bringing forth new life. We are breathed by the Eternal Presence of Life into the World.

Take a conscious breath: as you breathe with awareness, stilling the mind, you are connecting with the creative unfolding of life. Through the conscious breath, be aware of your Solar Plexus as a radiant point, beneath and behind the heart and lungs – expanding out into the six directions of space.

The Sun is a physical manifestation of the continual outpouring of creative life – the Patterns of Creation continually emerge out of the beginning of the universe which is here with us now.

Be aware of your spinal column from the coccyx at the base of the spine to the first of the seven cervical vertebrae at the top. As you breathe from the solar plexus, feel the spine supporting you, allowing your life force to expand with each breath, releasing any tensions you are holding in your body, and stilling the mind into the Eternal Presence of Logos as a living reality.

Become aware of the central stillness out of which each breath emerges, and into which it returns.

You are rooted in the eternal present as I Am – Being:
out of which everything is created, formed and made into the life of the Cosmos.
Space holds all life in creative presence, out of which every living thing is continually formed and made: from the tiniest subatomic particles to the great galaxies that seed life throughout the Cosmos.
You are continually held by the universe: this is Logos.

If you can be aware that all movement is supported by stillness, all sound by silence, then you are beginning to experience something of the meaning of Logos.