Creation in the Power of the Present

Creation is ever-present within us, here and now

In the mystical teachings of Kabbalah, Creation is not, and never has been, a past event: it is the Ever-Present, here, now, that is taught, and spoken of, in every authentic spiritual tradition.

We continually receive the outpouring of Life from the formless Source. So often our minds are too busy, stressed and anxious to be aware of the ever-present Source within. But as we still the mind, breathe with awareness and come into the present moment, we can receive this creative outpouring consciously

In Hebrew this is called Bereshith Elohim, which is translated as the Genesis of Life.

As we consciously receive Bereshith Elohim, we recognise that the same creative outpouring is coming through all our fellow creatures of the natural world. We come to know that Elohim is rising within the heart of everything that exists, and that all the living forms we meet also manifest Bereshith Elohim.

Creation, Creativity and Creation are known and recognised as One in immediate Presence.

Our fears, and our mental and emotional conditioning, have disconnected our awareness from the unity of life. In this section we explore how to release the sense of separation, return to the Creative Source within and recognise it through all the forms which Life takes.

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