Meditation on the Conscious Breath

Consciousness — the light of the Logos — expresses itself through the diversity of life; this is the beauty of creation  that gives you everything you need, and that is always present and accessible.

Breathe consciously and realize that you are intimately connected to the abundant creative flow of life that manifests the Cosmos. All that the ego seeks to possess is an illusion, which is a primary cause of all suffering. When we release ourselves from the needs and fears of the ego we become free; free To Be with life, allowing it to support us, becoming One with its creative outpouring. This is the very essence of the teachings in John’s Gospel.   

Focus on the breath for a few moments. Be aware of your spinal cord as the axis that unites the physical and spiritual worlds. Focus all your attention on the energy that manifests and sustains your body. Do not let the mind distract you by attaching judgments or identifying with what you see, hear, or feel. Feel this vital energy as a sphere that is expanding about you from your center. Feel it flowing into every part of your body, and connecting you to all that is perceived as external.

Now, become aware of the space that surrounds the energy — within and about you; be aware of the silence containing all sound, and the ever-present stillness out of which all movement occurs. At your very core, is the center of consciousness connecting you to the whole of life; continually manifesting in the Earth, the Solar system, the galaxy and the Cosmos.

All that is perceived as external is present within you; it is timeless, it is here, now.

Geometric Drawing of the Tree of Life. From Patterns of Creation
by Stephen Pope

This meditation is from the Book “Patterns of Creation. Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John“, Stephen Pope, Axis Mundi Books 2012. Available from 

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