Meditation in the Cave of Mary Magdalene at Winter Solstice


The Cave of Mary Magdalene is set high in the cliff face beneath the rising Sun. According to legend, Mary Magdalene dwelt here in this Cave as a teacher and healer for thirty years.

The Cave of Mary Magdalene, high up in the side of a Provencal mountain, is a doorway into sacred space. It symbolizes the doorway which exists within you now, between the outer and inner Life. In Hebrew the name Magdalene means inner strength, and the protective space in which creativity can take place. The space of conscious meeting for formless spirit and universal formation.

The figure of Mary Magdalene represents the feminine consciousness within us all, both women and men, that desires to be fully alive, to awaken to our true nature, and realize our creative potential.

IMG_2663To enter within your innermost Self, listen with your whole body. Hear the silence, and the songs arising out of that timeless silence. Breathe consciously, and feel the still Presence out of which creative life is continually arising, as this moment, now.

Breathe with the Sun and the Earth, breathe with the forests and the Oceans. Breathe with the stars in the night sky.

Through engendering Love, compassion, and empathy in the human collective, parasitical thought forms from the egocentric mind cannot pollute or drain life from the world around us, nor destroy the new born spiritual awakening which is now taking root in the New Humanity.

Despite the negativity that we see and hear through politics and the media, there has never been a greater opportunity to awaken to the beauty of the universal consciousness that flows through every living thing, and that is available for us to step into right now, wherever we are.

IMG_2617This potential to awaken to the Bright Light of the Spirit is within the heart of every Woman and Man. It is a rebirth that takes us into the intensity of Life in the present moment.

The intense creative Presence of the fullness of life is timeless, calling us to awaken and join with the rest of creation in shared abundance: in a greater community where we join with all of our fellow species as companions.IMG_2544

To take this path is not avoidance of the human world, and all of the unnecessary suffering that so much psychological ignorance is causing at this time. Spirituality is not a way of enhancing the ego, making you richer and more successful or a better person than others. Spiritual awakening is to be inclusive, to consciously embrace multi-dimensional and diversifying Life, and live this Life fully.


To enter within the depths of the human Spirit is to leave behind the baggage of mental noise, to leave our stories, histories and narratives about who we are and what we need.

Be still and enter the contemplative silence of no-mind: the suspension of all thought. Be conscious that the spiritual dimension is here within you now, in your breath and in your blood.


It is only the unobserved mind and all its compulsive thought forms that separates us from the Malkut HaShamaim.

Malkut HaShamaim is translated as the Kingdom of Heaven. In Hebrew it means the formless Source of dynamic infinite potential, the unified field of every possible form of Life, beyond all our conceptions of time and space.

IMG_2687In Kabbalah this Source is sometimes called the Brilliance of Life: Bahir and Zohar are Hebrew words which seek to express the inner Fire – the essence of all Life, Source of every Woman and Man, and every living thing.

The essence of Kabbalah is to receive Life, which means to still the mind and become silent within. This creates a conscious vessel, a sacred space which receives the fire of life, and the realisation of connection to the abundance of this multi-dimensional universe, which is always here, now.

Love is another word for Consciousness, and it has no opposite. Love is a state of non-duality, where we cannot hate or be indifferent, cannot hide or lie, nor be afraid of and seek to control Life.

IMG_2632We are One with all that the mind interprets as the outside world


When you are consciously present the whole universe can be felt as alive within you.

Mary Magdalene is the feminine face of fully realized Humanity, called Christ consciousness in biblical Greek. In the external world, she appears to have lost everything. She is an exile, a refugee, a woman who has witnessed the worst of human cruelty, the beginning of the war that will lay waste to her homeland. Yet she has found the certainty of the spiritual universe within herself, she lives and breathes it and teaches it to those around her.

We all have this same ability to connect with the spiritual universe and this opportunity is open to us now. It is not a future that we need to wait for.

When we choose to be present, we are joining the greater community of life. This means we are no longer enslaved by, the unconscious human mind. Our first step to true liberation and peace is realizing that we can step outside of the unobserved human mind, see the madness of the human world and not be overwhelmed by it. You too can tap into this creative spiritual dimension that frees you, by becoming conscious now. And if not now, when?


The Breath of Life

Spiritual awakening begins as a seed in space deep within you.

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life

To feel this seed awaken within, take a Conscious Breath and become present with all of your attention. Breathing with awareness of the vitality of the body allows the seed to open into spacious Presence.

You are Creative Life.

Creative Life is the space that allows the seed to grow and blossom into a full expression of consciousness. 


Through bringing all your attention to the Conscious Breath, the mind becomes still – no thought.  

You are the spaciousness within, the aliveness, the vitality that forms and sustains your Soul and body.

In awakening to Conscious Presence you begin to realise the creative dynamic of the Spiritual body, which is without form and has as its core Stillness – I Am – Being. 


This Icon of the Black Virgin symbolises Nurturing Space, allowing the Seed of Conscious Presence (the Divine child) to grow and blossom within the Soul and body (the boat.)

The creative Spirit – Ruach in Hebrew – means Universal Breath. All thoughts, every form arises and dissolves out of the movement of  the Universal Breath of Life.

As we increase our awareness of the Breath of Life, we allow all thought forms of fear, grief, pain, loneliness and separation to be held in a space of love and compassion, where they are dissolved into the One Consciousness that pervades all of life.

Be Present in the here-now with all your attention – as much as you can give to your awakening in this moment.


As you Breathe Consciously realise that you are rooted in Being – timeless Presence.

Right now, you are at one with the breath of Elohim – One Consciousness.


Realise that you are being breathed.

Space and breath are One.

This is beyond all form, beyond anything that the mind can understand as anything.

The Creative Spirit continually conceives new life, allowing all past and future imaginings to dissolve into Presence.

The Cave of Mary Magdalene

 This post is inspired by my recent visit to the Cave of Mary Magdalene, La Sainte-Baume (“Holy Cave” in Provencal) Provence, France.

The Hebrew name for the Tree of Life is Etz Haim. Etz, translated as Tree also means the Spinal Cord. As a Tree of Life you are rooted in Being; remembering this allows the power of Creation to flow through you as Living Breath.


The conscious Breath is a doorway to the Eternal Present.
Still the mind and enter your innermost room.

To enter the cave is to be at peace with not knowing.

Without any thought we enter inner silence. 


Be aware of the spinal cord as the axis of consciousness within your energy field, and breathe with awareness.

Feel the conscious breath massaging the spine allowing you to fully inhabit your inner space – expanding through the six directions.


Love and creativity continually arise out of consciousness which is beyond the mind. This is the core of who you are, your true Self.

In Hebrew this inner core is called Tipheret: Goodness, beauty and truth; pure consciousness that witnesses the passing of every form into New Life.


At your core lies your formless timeless Self, a Self that shines without ego: No-mind.
One with the source of all Life.

The sound of every in breath and out breath is the mantra of Ehieh, which in  Hebrew means, I Am – Being.

Listen now, with all of your attention to your breathing, as you take an in breath,     a silent pause, and then an out breath.  

As you breath consciously you bring your attention to the peace of your inner core. This peace is eternally present within you, untroubled by any thoughts arising in the mind. 

Above the forest in the distance lies La Sainte-Baume (“Holy Cave”, in Provencal) which appears to the mind as an outer place, but which points to the timeless, formless, Self in which all ego dissolves. To look into the Cave with awareness is to see into the core of who you are: Being.

The journey to your centre takes place in the eternal present, each step you take unfolds out of the present moment. 

The journey appears as movement in time-space; Conscious Presence witnesses all movement from a point of Stillness.

Through your practice of the conscious breath, inner and outer, subject and object, are known to be One.

This is the end of all division, all mind-made separation from the Present Moment, Ehieh – I Am.

This is your gift to the World.


Birth through the conscious breath.

Star Birth Close-up  copy

You are intimately connected to the continual flow of creative existence. Even to the vast and seemingly remote Birth of  new Stars.

When you emerged from your mother’s womb into this world, you were naked, tiny and helpless. But within such a seemingly helpless body is the same energy that lights an entire galaxy, and more so, the entire Cosmos.


The Earth and all its life forms are carried on the universal breath.

You are the Breath of Life, you are being breathed every moment of every day. The spark of life within you, at your core, is one with the creator of all life: whole worlds, stars and galaxies. When the mind is stilled we may see beyond all the forms that are continually emerging out of  formless Spirit, and realise their source within us. 

The Light of Consciousness.

The Light of Consciousness gives birth to the Sun. Every Star is the manifest form of the creative unity of life.

In order for the light of creative consciousness to realise itself in you, all thought forms that separate you from the Unity of Life must die, and in dying, be reunited with the totality of life which is the core of your Being.

IMG_0869_1 copy

All that we see in the external world are but fleeting images, appearing and disappearing into and out of formation.
Consciousness is the ever open eye that perceives the continual flux of life without becoming lost in the dream.

The ego wishes to keep us small, and this thought form includes all our fantasies about being special or insignificant, powerful or weak, and part of an exclusive group separate from the rest of life. All such fantasies need to be brought into the light of awareness where they can be redeemed.

When the ego-dominated personality passes away, the space of Creative Spirit pervades your life. This is vaster than the mind can comprehend.

All thought dissolves in the face of Creative Presence which sustains all life in the here – now. 

DSCF0685 copy

Our primary purpose in life is to be consciously present with all our attention in everything that we do and say.

Breathe consciously. focusing all your attention into the Present Moment.

Each conscious breath you take creates space where there is no thought, allowing you to be, allowing others to be, allowing all life forms to be.

In your awakening to Presence, the One consciousness realises itself.

Creative Presence

One of our greatest illusions is that we are far removed from the spiritual Universe, the Creative Presence that continually manifests life in all its forms.

The Spiritual Universe is present, here, within you now. It exists as the formless reality out of which all forms of life continually arise, and into which they return. The Spiritual realm is not something to be looked for as if it were an objective place, nor is it something that we need to wait for in some future time.


In Hebrew the Spiritual Universe is called HaSamaim, “the Heavens”,  the Fire that burns as the Cosmic Breath of life. 

Ha-Shamaim is the animating creative spirit of every form of life, carrying the seeds of every living thing into the fertile womb of space that becomes the full expression of life.

NASA Earth observation website photo

The Earth is seen as a speck of light in the middle right of the picture just below the rings of Saturn, at the outer reaches of the Solar System.

The door to the Spiritual Universe is open to us Now. This has nothing to do with belief –  it requires only our practice of conscious presence. With this comes the dissolving of past thought forms and future imaginings.

Deep Space countless galaxies - Hubble telescope

Inner and outer space are One. The glimmering light of galaxies and the dance of subatomic particles within the cells of your body both exist in deep space. This creative dance is the continual emergence of form, out of the presence of the Unmanifest.

When you breathe consciously you stand on the threshold of the creative universe that exists as a permanent presence deep within you. Take a conscious Breath and feel the energy field that manifests your body. Feel it in your cells, in your bones and in the blood coursing through your veins. The conscious breath acts as a doorway to deep space within you, freeing you from the conditioning of the unconscious mind. 


You have within you the light of the Cosmos: Take a conscious Breath and feel the spaciousness of Eternal Presence.

The Gospel of John.

IMG_1964The Gospel of John was written for you. It is about you: not as a personality or ego identity, but as spiritual consciousness, the vastness of the spiritual body, which is far beyond the understanding of the mind.

Awakening to the presence of the spiritual body can be felt as a pressure for change, which is not often welcomed or understood by the ego. In reality this pressure comes from our inner core, the deepest part of us, that is more natural and real than the world we experience around us through our everyday mind.

The sacred heart or core of life is Love. Unconditional Love or Agape is Consciousness: universal, beyond gender and race and creed, the source of all life. This is to know peace, stillness, profound silence and bliss. The stars in the Cosmos and the cells in the flesh of your body burn with the same Divine light. All is One.

hs interacting spiral Gs jpg

Mystical awakening is a reality outside space-time as the mind understands it.

The created universe of Spirit is seemingly endless, worlds within worlds where linear time has no relevance. At the core of this realm there is no separation, no inner and outer distinction. This is I Am consciousness – beyond subject and object – At-one-ment with the Divine.


The World is not what we think it is.

The Earth in all its magnificent beauty is not just a planet spinning around a star in space: it is a vast field of consciousness that washes through us, and yet we are mostly only dimly aware of its surface in our everyday thinking minds.

The Hebrew word for the Earth or World  is Eretz. Through its three Hebrew letters this can be translated as: Absolute consciousness expressing itself through universal containers as the exaltation of life through diversifying forms; conscious intelligence, creativity, enjoyment.

As we learn to Love the magnificence of the Earth we come to realise that it is transparent, revealing a greater reality suffused with the creative energy of Divine Light.

In every moment souls are continually arriving and leaving the physical realm. The flow of consciousness continually emerges out of the timeless present moment, taking form in individual and collective patterns before dissolving back into the formless again. To know this is to realize that everyone and everything is connected.

Star birth cloud - Hubble imagesThis is the breath of life. The breath and to breathe consciously, is so vast and so deep that it fills all of life and is all of life: the movement of creation, the continual flow of creative life unfolding Eternal Presence. This is Logos. (Logos is the Greek term normally translated as Word in The Gospel of John. In reality it is untranslatable.)

The teachings in the Gospel cannot be adequately be expressed in the written word or any one translation. They remain primarily oral (spoken). This is because living teachings emerge out of the present moment. Or we could say that the teaching continually emerges out of Presence.

From the One Light comes all Life.

The Light of Consciousness.

The Light of Consciousness.

Out of the light of Consciousness, in rhapsody of sound, texture and colour, comes the movement into form of every living thing – a symphony, ever moving, ever changing: light in refraction, always new, the intense presence of creative power continually unfolding out of the still centre.

IMG_1980This magnificent unfolding mystery of creation is always present, here, now. There is never a time when the fullness of life is not totally present – a continual pressure To Be.


The Presence of Absolute Life.
In Hebrew this is understood through the
letter-number equation Elohim.

Elohim: That, which cannot be contained by existence, continually giving birth to itself as the Tree of Life, whose fruit is living diversity,  flowing breath as form and matter.IMG_1988Every second you spend in Presence, every conscious breath you feel coursing through you, in your blood, in the atoms of your flesh and bones – this intense aliveness brings the presence of Absolute Life into the Universe through you.

hs interacting spiral Gs jpgThe sea of Space is a living ocean – each Star a centre of intense creativity. Each Star a Sun of power, holding the potential of a great spiralling vessel in which life unfolds its unimaginable richness – a hidden treasure revealing itself in the intense pressure of creative life.

Greeting the Dawn on Glastonbury Tor.

Greeting the Dawn on Glastonbury Tor.

The Hebrew words Nephesh – Breath – and Neshemah – to Breathe – are used for the Soul – the life force – of every living thing.

Be Present, Breathe consciously and Be. And in the conscious breath realise that every thing about you and within you is alive and connected: All is One.

Agape – Love, the sacred power of consciousness


Agape – Love, could be described as the activation of the sacred power of consciousness within us,
a deep initiation into the creative power that permeates the visible universe.

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life

For if I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit (Anthropos)

and the voices of Angels (the Patterns of Creation)

but have not Agape (Unconditional/universal Love),

then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel,

the clamouring of restless and raging passions. 

And though I have inspired prophecies and insights into the mysteries,

and all gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and such faith that I could remove mountains,

and have not Agape, I am nothing. 


The Flower of Life

And if I give away all my possessions to the poor,

and give the vitality of my body to burn as a shining light showing the way,

but have not Agape in me, I gain nothing.  

Agape stays constant, is patient and kind;

Agape does not envy or hate – knows no anger; 

Agape does not boast, and has no pride; it is not coarse or rude, does not insist upon its own way.

It is not irritable or easily provoked; it is not resentful, injurious or destructive.

It does not rejoice at finding wrong but rejoices at goodness, beauty and truth.

Agape never gives up, never loses faith, has confidence, and perseveres through every circumstance.  

Alham33 copy

The Flower of Life

What we can know is only partial,

our prophetic visions are only ever partial,

but when that which is perfect comes (the peace of completion/Oneness with the continual creative outpouring,)

the imperfect (identification with forms) will pass away.


The Flower of Life

When I was a child, I spoke without knowledge, I lacked understanding,

I reasoned without knowledge or wisdom;

when I became an adult, I deprived those childish ways of their power and influence over me.

For now we discern as in a darkened mirror, but then in immediate presence (face to face).

Now my Gnosis is partial, but then I will know, as I Am known.   

1 Cor 13:1-12 (My translation)


The Flower of Life – Roman Tile, Cordoba

The Oneness of completion with the continual creative outpouring, that which is perfect, is not the end of created life, nor the cessation of change in the world, it is the Peace that comes to us as we allow life to flow freely through the centre of consciousness that we find to be at our core within the great unfolding universe. 


All forms are fleeting and in continual flux.

To let go of attachment to all forms, is to allow the imperfect to pass away. All our holding on to form becomes imperfect because the creative spirit is a constant flux of renewal. Peace comes to us when we stand at the core of our Being, which is simultaneously the point of unknowing that allows the spirit to unfold freely.


All creatures exist within the formless creative universe and the world of form simultaneously.
What we see is a mere fleeting glimpse of their reflection.
To see their true depths we first need to find our own true depths.

Everything we see, touch and, hear is an impression of the One consciousness interpreted by the mind as a series of objects and events. The source of life is the Eternal Presence: I Am – Being.  From out of Eternal Presence comes the continual outpouring of  creativity – Agape. This is the formless universe of Ideas which flows as the breath in great rhythmic pulses, sustaining the sea of  ever changing forms and ephemeral matter we call the Cosmos.

When you still and silence the mind, you become aware of this continual outpouring as living presence animating everything in existence.


Every Creature is a revelation of the continual creative outpouring.

Universal Love is not the limited to human beings. Every creature is involved in the great revelation of Agape: each creature at first discerning its being as in a darkened mirror, but then realising the brilliant fullness of its beauty as an intimate expression of the whole universe – both visible and non-visible.

We are emerging consciousness in human form. To become Human – Being is our destiny; to look into the dark inner reaches of the cave of unknowing, is to begin to see the brilliance of the fullness of consciousness emerging out of the Great Cosmic womb. 

This is to be continually born anew in Eternal Presence, where we relinquish all identity with form. 

Through becoming consciousness itself you are At-One with that Presence.

You create no more suffering for yourself, for others, or the creatures of the natural world.

This is Agape.

Agape – Universal Love. The call To Be in Immediate Presence.

Blue Whale in San Ignacio, Baja California

Following in the path of a Blue Whale – the largest creature that has ever lived on Earth – as she exhales, and then breathes in for the last time before diving into the depths of the sea to feed. To feel the sound of the breath resonating through me from this beautiful and magnificent creature brought me into Immediate Presence, stilling the mind. In that shared communion I know that all life is sacred – all an expression of the One – Logos.

The whole Cosmos, the whole of existence, is a manifestation of the conscious breath; the continual creative unfolding of Logos.

hs ultra deep field 2012Logos, Conscious Breath and Agape – Universal Love are all ways of expressing the same Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of Life – which is beyond the comprehension of intellect and the thinking mind.


When you breathe consciously you are engaging with the whole of life as a human who is conscious of Being.
And life as a whole responds to your awakening.

This is the initiation into Genesis (Bereshith in Hebrew), the continual creation of life in all its diversity and magnificent abundance. Such awakened moments may only be fleeting at first. Often we find them too much, become fearful and shut down. But the Ruach Elohim, the Creative Spirit of Being – Absolute Life, is a continual pressure, continually seeking to be known within the heart of every human who chooses to awaken to it. Every living thing is an expression of this continual, abundant, creative outpouring.

Sun2 copy copy

When we look at the Sun we are only seeing its core. We have not yet consciously realized that we actually live within the Sun.  The Earth and all the planets of the Solar System are continually being created within the Sun’s great body.

Our spiritual responsibility is to awaken to the whole of life – to meet with all life forms consciously as a human Being. All life is an expression of Being.

This can be understood in 1 Cor 13:11–12, where the metaphor of leaving childhood and becoming an adult is used. In the Greek nepios, the child is the untaught, and unskilled unconscious state, without the inner knowledge and  understanding that requires no words or mental interpreting. This emerges out of deep inner silence when we allow ourselves To Be. The adult, aner,  is a term used to mean psychological maturity, and spiritual comprehension that comes from being Present with all our attention within the continual unfolding of Life. I have written the following translation in such a way to bring out the nuances in the Greek text.

“When I was a child, I spoke without knowledge, I lacked understanding, I reasoned without knowledge or wisdom; when I became an adult, I deprived those childish ways of their power and influence over me. For now we discern as in a darkened mirror, but then in immediate presence (face to face). Now my Gnosis is partial, but then I will know, as I Am known.” 1Cor 13:11–12.

When we are psychologically infantile we see the rest of life as there for me or us to exploit and take regardless of the suicidal destruction and inevitable life negating consequences. This extreme egocentric behaviour, in which our inner emptiness and pollution manifest as greed and outer pollution, is poisoning the air, the rivers and seas, and the very soil and ground rock that gives us life on this Earth. This pollution affects how we structure our financial systems, causing extreme forms of  poverty, and gives us a rapacious consumerism and the perpetual illusion of the need to go to war.

Earth and Moon - Hubble images

When I contemplate the Earth with its Moon, hanging like living jewels in space, I feel the urgency of the call to awaken, given voice through the Shama Yisrael.

“Shama: Listen with your full attention. Awaken the Soul (Israel) now, all you peoples of the Earth. Yahveh, To Be – Being is our Elohim; Yahveh, To Be – Being, the intense stillness of Immediate Presence, the Source of continual creative outpouring into life in all its forms, is One. The One is the peace of Eternal Presence.”  (My translation of the Shama Yisrael.) 

To take up the plough of spiritual awakening is to become an Adult in the spiritual sense: a Human Being. This is to take responsibility; there is no looking back, we keep our hand to the plough through all the pain and difficulties. Then as we take each step as consciously as we can, the Peace of the immediate presence grows stronger in us, dissolving all separation and all the needless pain and suffering we inflict upon each other, our fellow creatures, and the Earth itself. And in our awakening we can begin to take our consciousness deeper into the unfolding life of the Cosmos, deeper into the formless creative Spirit that animates and sustains everything in existence.

Agape – Universal Love


The sound of the breath resonating from a gray whale mother as she surfaces with her calf in the San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California. Agape – Universal Love wells up from deep within us, beyond all our transient and changeable feelings. It is  Love for all life within the great community of the Earth.

Agape – Universal Love, is synonymous with spiritual awakening, or consciousness becoming aware of itself, in the deepening of connection with life in all its forms. When we are intensely present we are given the opportunity to meet in communion with Life in all its diversity and realise that all this magnificent beauty comes from the One – Logos. To practice Agape in our daily lives is to join in communion with the whole of created existence.

Earth - NASA images

When we make our idea of Love small,
we make ourselves small.
Agape – Universal Love is to take responsibility for our place within the Earth Community. Love is the continual creative outpouring through every living thing – every creature,
each moment of every day.

This is the inner meaning of Receiving Logos. 

Agape is beyond what the ego thinks of as love. The transient nature of the unconscious mind separates life into subject and object and seeks to find completeness outside of itself through clinging to ephemeral forms, which it seeks to possess as ego identities. These phantoms can arise as images of love in our relationships which turn all too quickly into their opposites. These same phantom thought forms also cause us to associate love with the accumulation of money, power and possessions as wealth. This causes a disconnection with the natural world: our fellow creatures become mere commodities for us to exploit and destroy, rather than being realised as the manifestation of Divine Love, the true wealth out of which we ourselves emerge.

6_mpala_white_rhino.jpg -

White Rhino and her calf. Heavy poaching means that these animals may soon be extinct in their diminishing habitats in Africa. Other endangered species in Africa now include the Elephant and the Lion. When these creatures vanish from the landscape, a whole ecological web of life goes with them. From the human perspective we are not just destroying our children’s inheritance, we are also committing mass suicide.


Agape – Love, is Universal Creative Power.

For if I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit (Anthropos) and the voices of Angels (the Patterns of Creation) but have not Agape (Unconditional/universal Love), then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel, the clamouring of restless and raging passions. And though I have inspired prophecies and insights into the mysteries, and all gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and such faith that I could remove mountains, and have not Agape, I am nothing. 

And if I give away all my possessions to the poor, and give the vitality of my body to burn as a shining light showing the way, but have not Agape in me, I gain nothing.  

Agape stays constant, is patient and kind; Agape does not envy or hate – knows no anger; Agape does not boast, and has no pride; it is not coarse or rude, does not insist upon its own way: is not irritable or easily provoked; it is not resentful, injurious or destructive. It does not rejoice at finding wrong but rejoices at goodness, beauty and truth; it bears all these things, believes all these things, endures all these things. 

What we can know is only ever partial, our prophetic visions are only ever partial, but when that which is perfect comes (the peace of completion/Oneness with the continual creative outpouring,) the imperfect will pass away.   1 Cor 13:1-10 (My translation)

Dawn on the Sea of Galilee.

Dawn on the Sea of Galilee.

The source of Agape is stillness and silence; the Peace of Presence.

Out of silent Presence, comes the continual outpouring of birdsong and the waters lapping on the shore.

The movement in sound, vision and texture of countless living forms.

The music of the planets, the Glory of the Sun and the other Stars.

IMG_1122Listening is an art: in order to listen, become still and silent inside. If you think you are listening, you are not truly listening, there is mental noise covering the silence: inner silence is no thought.

Be still; take a conscious breath and enter Agape  from there.

Unless we can embrace the magnificence, elegance and beauty of nature, the Earth, the Sun and the other Stars, realising our deep connectivity, we cannot comprehend the depths of Agape.

DSCF0836 copyAgape is not limited to human relationship, or to God loving humanity, as if we humans were some kind of separate and special entity from the vast, all embracing creative power of the Cosmos, that continually manifestes the living Earth.


Every Galaxy is a living manifestation of the continual Creative outpouring of Elohim. Our Earth and all its life forms are part of one such glorious manifestation.

Universal and unconditional Love means that we awaken to the whole web of life, and begin to co-create with God, with the totality of the universe, rather than our current path of destroying life.


Before and after images of tar sands mining in Alberta. From

To destroy the web of life on Earth is the greatest evil we can do, no matter how hard we try and justify our actions.

sunrise-earthTo practice Agape is to work with the voices of angels and archangels in manifesting the web of life in co-creation with Elohim. In Hebrew, Elohim means Absolute life, Being of Beings – the source of all created Life.

Any human that lives in Agape – Universal Love becomes a human – Being: we no longer separate the Presence of Elohim from the Cosmos and the Natural world, which are the physical manifestation of the Creative Spirit of Elohim. When we  consciously choose to awaken spiritually we are at-one with Elohim in the vast creative outpouring into the Cosmos and Nature. This is the gift you can bring to the community of the Earth.