Events: Online Courses, Workshops and Retreats

Online Courses

These online courses are collaborations between myself and Rev Dr Megan Wagner, a lifelong friend, fellow teacher and Kabbalist. They offer the opportunity to study the sacred Hebrew Aleph-Bet from a Kabbalistic point of view, along with other Kabbalistic themes such as Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine and the multi-dimensional Tree of Life.

Each class was recorded live, with meditations, questions and discussions, and includes supplementary PDF materials for further study.

All the courses are available for purchase now. Each one includes two additional 30 minute private online sessions with me, which you can take at any time, either before, after or during the course.

Individual one-to-one sessions

I offer one to one sessions for individuals who want to develop their own relationship with the Hebrew Letter-Numbers. These sessions are meditation-based, to enable you to experience their power directly, for yourself – living Ciphers, through which we commune with the formless Spiritual Universe, which is called Beriah and Ha-Shamaim in Hebrew.

I also offer individual online sessions based around other sacred teachings you may wish to explore: the Creation or Genesis narrative, the Mary Magdalene Mysteries and the Kabbalistic masterpiece The Song of Songs.

Prices for all one to one sessions are available on request. Contact me for more details or arrange a free 15 minute discovery call via Zoom or Skype.

Workshops & retreats

Coming in 2021: residential retreats and workshops in Southern France.

Other courses, events, launch announcements etc.

Blog posts & pages

New on line Hebrew Kabbalah courses available

At the end of this post is a link to online Mystical Hebrew courses on the Ancient Hebrew Letter-Numbers and Kabbalah. The first course is an exploration using meditation, contemplation and discussion of the Ancient Hebrew Aleph-Bet. This is a

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Spiritual and Creative Retreats In France

Realising Inner Space through the Conscious Breath. Finding freedom to expand and Be. Practicing conscious presence connects you to the creative potential within yourself and the whole of life. In the teachings of Kabbalah, the Hebrew word for this deeper awareness is Tipheret:  תפארת The meaning of

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