How are we understand the Presence of Absolute life? We can begin by withdrawing energy from the unconscious mind. Breathe consciously and allow yourself to be.


The presence of Absolute Life is in the form of each flower and tree. You are that same presence in human form.

Every conscious breath that you take brings you into awareness of the Presence of Absolute life.

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The Flower of Life – as depicted in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain. Each form of life is an expression of the one universal lifeforce; each form is a reflection of the one formless source of life. The diversity of life exists as an interconnected whole.

Conscious awareness is the alert watcher that breaths you in and out of the stillness of Presence, and that witnesses thoughts and situations as they arise in your life. Through your ability to be, consciousness realises consciousness as itself. In biblical Hebrew this is expressed as the realization of Jahveh (To Be -Being) – Elohim (Absolute Life).

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Conscious reflection brings you to the face of Absolute Life, the end of all separation. Can you feel this Presence in and around you now as you take a conscious breath?

IMG_1944In conscious presence you are like the Sun: the essence of life flows through you like the waves of a great shimmering sea. The movement of the whole of life is held within the radiance of the One. To be Being, is the realization of this revelation.

Two Day Workshop on Kabbalah

The Abbey Sutton Courtenay

“At your core is your spiritual Being. It is accessible to you now. This is the essence of Kabbalah.”

Weekend workshop Saturday the 2nd and Sunday 3rd of November 2013 With Stephen Pope, Author of Patterns of Creation Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John (Axis Mundi Books 2012)

This workshop takes you into the depth and beauty of the mystical teachings of Kabbalah, which tell us that we are intimately connected to the whole of life, to all that exists in nature and the vastness of the Cosmos.

“You are a tree of life, connected to all that is unfolding in the natural world, the solar system, and stars. You have within you the light of consciousness that continually gives birth to, and sustains, the created universe.” (From Patterns of Creation)

The workshop will help you to experience these profound spiritual truths for yourself, going beyond the everyday mind, which is dominated by the ego, into the stillness and peace of Presence at your core.

The creative intelligence of life is far greater than the everyday mind can conceive: it is the formless essence out of which all life forms emerge, and into which they dissolve, to be reborn as new life.

During the weekend we will work with meditation, contemplation, conscious breathing and the energy field of the body to reconnect with that creative source of life within each of us. From this awareness comes true freedom, and the realization that we are part of the great community of life on Earth, and intimately connected to the life sustaining the vast Cosmos.

Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm with an evening session. Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm.

A practicing mystic in the Kabbalistic tradition for over thirty years, Steve Pope has a B.D and MA in Theology and translates Greek and Hebrew Biblical texts.  His book Patterns of Creation – Axis Mundi Books 2012 is a radical exploration of the mystical teachings in the Gospel of John.

This remarkable and profound work takes the understanding of the gospel to a new level.

 Scientific and Medical Network review.

You don’t have to a be a kabbalist to appreciate this really fascinating and enlightening truly brought the teachings to life for me. It really is teaching at its very best.

Goodreads Review.


Cost of the workshop: £165.00

Please book in advance. Price includes accommodation and all meals.

If you wish to arrive at the Abbey and stay on the Friday evening there is a small supplement. Enquire on booking. 

To confirm booking please contact:The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Oxon OX14 4AF

Tel: 01235 847401

And for further details about the course please send an email to: