Reclaiming the Divine Feminine from the distortions of Patriarchy

New 10 week online course with Stephen Pope BD MA and Dr Megan Wagner

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

artwork by Melissa Martinez called Getting to know… Tree of Life, sacred geometry

Realising he Tree of Life within. Artwork by Melissa Martinez called Getting to know… Tree of Life, sacred geometry

“Every step in Human (Spiritual) evolution is initiated by the Feminine”. This quotation taken from Carlo Suares, Author of The Kabbalah Trilogy, and other works, comes from a deep experiential understanding of Hebraic Kabbalah.  To awaken the Tree of Life within the body of the individual we need to redress the damage done to humanity through the deliberate suppression of the Feminine.
On this course  we will explore the Hebrew names of the Goddesses and reclaim their Feminine power from Patriarchal distortions. Each lesson is 2 hours long and includes a presentation, meditation and discussion time.  The course also includes additional study material. (Booking details follow at the bottom.)

Online Course Topics

Tuesday Feb 11th 2020   Week 1
We learn the Hebrew meaning of the name ASHERAH Creatrix and initiator of each step in Spiritual Awakening.
Tuesday Feb 18th 2020   Week 2
We study and reclaim LILITH: The Wild Feminine.

Dancer in Motion by Bill Wadman

Tuesday March 3rd 2020 Week 3
Hheva (Eve): The Great Circle of Life: Mother of all things.


Tuesday March 10th 2020 Week 4
SARAH: The Royal/Noble Feminine. The arising of Life.


Monday March 16th 2020 Week 5
ELLA: Midwife – Birthing of Creativity.
Tuesday March 31st 2020 Week 6 
DEVORAH – The Fruitful Nourishing Feminine and Sheba the seven springs – wells or Oases. And  the Honey Bee Prophetess.
Tuesday April 7th 2020 Week 7
MARY: Queen of Heaven – The Great Sea.
Tuesday April 14th 2020 Week 8 
MARY MAGDALENE: Guardian of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries

Fortified watchtower Languedoc, France.

Monday March 20th 2020 Week 9 
Reclaiming the powers of MARY MAGDALENE

The Light of Consciousness.

Tuesday March 28th 2020 Week 10 
MARY MAGDALENE: The awakened spine uniting Heaven and Earth

Course Tutor Stephen Pope BD MA

Hosted by Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner PhD

Dates: Feb 11- April 28. Price: $250 (PayPal adds a small fee)

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