Meditations with the Spirit of the Breath

Breathing the rhythms of connection

The breath is our first portal to the peace of expanded consciousness, accessible at any time and in any place.
Stress and anxiety fuel excessive thinking, and make it very difficult for us to open, and simply be and rest in immediate Presence.

Through consciously bringing attention to the breath, the mind begins to still. As we let go of the habits of repetitive thinking, we find the deeper rhythms of our being.
Through the conscious breath, we realize that we are always held within the great rhythms of life, and sustained by the great rythmic pulses of receiving and giving through which life continually unfolds.

We can return to our essential nature, and find peace, at any moment, as we gather into ourselves on the breath, into the Heart of our Being, deep within, and allow the expansion of the breath from that still centre.

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Be the conscious breath

“Be still (become silent within – no mind)  And know (as revelation) The I that is Elohim (Presence – The Unity of Life). Elohim will raise up (spiritually awaken) unconscious humanity. Elohim exalts the whole created Earth.” Psalm 46:10 (My translation from the Hebrew).

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The Breath of Life

Spiritual awakening begins as a seed in space deep within you. To feel this seed awaken within, take a Conscious Breath and become present with all of your attention. Breathing with awareness of the vitality of the body allows the seed

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Meditation on the Conscious Breath

Breathe consciously and realize that you are intimately connected to the abundant creative flow of life that manifests the Cosmos. All that the ego seeks to possess is an illusion, which is a primary cause of all suffering. When we release ourselves from

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Meditating stillness in the conscious breath

“Be still (become silent within – no mind) and know (as revelation) the I that is Elohim (The presence of Absolute Life: Being of beings). Absolute Life will raise up (spiritually awaken) unconscious humanity. Absolute Life will exalt the whole

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