The Light of Consciousness.

Life is sacred, the Natural World is a reflection of the One Consciousness that permeates the Solar system, Galaxy, and Cosmos. This abundant flow of creativity gives rise to and sustains every living thing.


Every moment of every day we are surrounded by intense beauty, which blazes forth from everything that appears to us as the external world. To feel this intense depth of life, become consciously present to this same lifeforce welling up from deep within you.

How can we cut ourselves off from the Earth that sustains our physical life?

How can we cut ourselves off from space, the solar system and the stars, that sustain our life, and through which we journey when we leave our physical body, and return to our spiritual home that is not built of matter but of what we experience through the physical senses as light?

IMG_3828Many years ago, I began to experience the Light of Consciousness, just as my life opened out, and I moved to the beautiful mountainous area of North Wales on the edge of the Snowdonia national park. In this elemental place, this Presence grew stronger in me. I lived where mountains sloped down to meet the sea, and the constant changing light and sunsets melted into the open horizon.

2014-10-13 09.53.17There I began to experience the essence of life behind the thin veil of physicality, in the living rock, in the woodlands and forests with their flowers, birds, animals and insects, and in the rivers and waterfalls swelling the abundance of life. I began to feel how all physical existence comes out of light, and how light shapes and holds all the diverse beauty of the natural world. 

2014-10-14 04.31.16Light is consciousness of Being made manifest in the Cosmos. The Light of Consciousness lives and breathes the rhythms and cycles of planets and stars, and they give life to the Earth in all its diversifying forms. Constant movement and change held by the still silence, that is the essence of life.

2014-10-14 05.06.46You are a Tree of Life rooted in the Stillness of the One,

connected to all that is unfolded in the Vast Cosmos,

the Solar System, and the Natural World.

Breathe and be Present to the vitality of Life flowing through you: This is the Love of Elohim. 

Triple circles tree 1

Depiction of the Tree of Life, within the Vesica Piscis. The diagram comes from the book Patterns of Creation.

 This post is an extract from the Book Patterns of Creation.

The Birth of Spiritual Consciousness

  Spiritual Consciousness begins as a seed within the heart of every Woman and Man.2014-10-11 23.38.18

This is the Birth of  creative potentiality within, which takes place when you become Conscious of Being Conscious. This is  spiritual awakening. It means you are no longer identified with your thoughts. The mind is silenced and you are aware of the spacious stillness within.

The seed of spiritual awakening is carried on the Conscious Breath.

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life – the six directions of Space.

The seed of consciousness comes from the depths of who you really are. It exists as creative potential wihtin you now. For it to blossom, open, grow and bear fruit, you need to give it conscious space.

As you read this now, feel the space within you. Feel the aliveness of the energy field that continually manifests your body.

Feel the aliveness of the breath entering the body, entering every cell in your body.

The birth of Cosmic Consciousness is not someting abstract. The beginning is here, within you, now. You know, without thinking, that everything is alive; inner and outer are connected, continually emerging out of the formless, timeless One.

The Seed of Consciousness becomes a Great Tree. 

2014-10-14 05.06.46

Life is a Cosmic Event and the Cosmos is the visible surface of muti-dimensional space in which creation continually occurs. Life on Earth is inseparable from the creativity of the Cosmos.

Evolution is the continual creative change in the single multidimensional being we call the Earth.  Our planet is evolving along with the Solar System, which is the fruit of the Tree of Cosmic Consciousness: The Tree of Life. 


Artistic representation of the Geometric Tree of Life – from the Madīnat az-Zahrā, Cordoba, Spain. 10th Century.

You are a Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life – depicted by the illuminated Minorah – symbolising the energy centres within you that give life to your mind and body.


You are the light of consciousness.

The light that animates spirit, that illuminates soul, that breathes every form you inhabit, into existence.

Spiritual consciousness is already here, within you now.


The sacred geometric pattern that forms the Tree of Life:  Sephardi synagogue, Cordoba, Spain.

 As awareness of the formless I of Being increases, the illusory i of the ego diminishes: You realise your connection with every living thing, on the Earth, in the Solar system and ultimately, the multi-dimensional Universe.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life gives birth to multiple flowers of Life – you are a Tree in human form. (Tree of Life diagram, from my book Patterns of Creation.)

The Flower of Life

The Seed of Life becomes the Flower of Life: I Am that I Am: the continual creation of life from out of the Eternal Presence of God: When we breathe with awareness we access the universal creative pattern of life.

The Flower of Life:
Creation continually emerges from out of  Eternal Presence: When we breathe with awareness we access the universal creative pattern of life.

The Flower of Life is the fulfilment of the Universal potential in you, which grows out of the death of the ego.

This brings to an end to the illusion that you are a separate self within a vast, empty universe.

The universe is alive with splendour, full of potential and intimately here, now, breathing through you, bringing you to birth on every breath.




Sunrise from the Cave of the Revelation, former Temple to the Goddess Artemis, Grikos beach, Patmos, Greece.

Spiritual awakening is not personal; it is freedom from all ego identity and its resultant suffering. Spiritual awakening is part of the collective awakening of humanity, the evolving consciousness of the life of the Earth, the Solar System and Stars, and the Cosmos itself. In Conscious Presence you come to Know that everything is alive, and that everything is connected. 

Dawn on the sea of Galilee

The Sun rises above the Jordanian Hills to shine upon the sea of Galilee. In mystical teachings the Sun walks upon the waters of Life, it’s non-visible Light -the essence of all Life – greets and enters the awakening heart.

The dawn light is always present on the Earth.

The Seed of Life

Healing begins as a Seed of Life deep within our inner Space.

Awakening illuminates all of the pain that we carry within us. The pain that you feel is not only personal, your pain is linked to the human collective pain and suffering which have accumulated over thousands of years.

To feel our emotions is an essential part of healing: realising wholeness. Even more important is to feel the stillness of space underlying and surrounding our emotions so that we don’t become identified with our emotional body. The mind will quickly turn powerful emotions into ego identities, unless we bring them into conscious presence: the intense aliveness that cries out from every cell in the body; and beyond that, the stillness that brings peace.

The Seed of Life becomes the Flower of Life: I Am that I Am: the continual creation of life from out of the Eternal Presence of God: When we breathe with awareness we access the universal creative pattern of life.

The Seed of Life becomes the Flower of Life:
When we breathe with awareness, opening the heart, we access the universal creative pattern of life.

Breathing from the heart and solar plexus stills the mind, and brings awareness to the aliveness of the spinal cord. Awakening to the vibrant aliveness of the spine through the conscious breath, you feel life flowing through the arms into the hands, and through the legs into the feet, and the opening of the Pineal gland at the top of the spine – behind the forehead.


Movement and Stillness in water and stone. Underlying all movement is Still Presence, unnoticed until we still the mind. The still mind is empty of thought, yet full of alert awareness.

Holding still, thought-free, space for a few seconds during quiet moments throughout your day, calms the emotions and allows all the thought forms that cling to the ego identity to begin to dissolve.


Allow your inner Being to open and blossom.

Allow yourself moments of freedom from thought throughout the day.

Be Still and move from there. Be silent and speak from there.

The Breath of Life

Spiritual awakening begins as a seed in space deep within you.

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life

To feel this seed awaken within, take a Conscious Breath and become present with all of your attention. Breathing with awareness of the vitality of the body allows the seed to open into spacious Presence.

You are Creative Life.

Creative Life is the space that allows the seed to grow and blossom into a full expression of consciousness. 


Through bringing all your attention to the Conscious Breath, the mind becomes still – no thought.  

You are the spaciousness within, the aliveness, the vitality that forms and sustains your Soul and body.

In awakening to Conscious Presence you begin to realise the creative dynamic of the Spiritual body, which is without form and has as its core Stillness – I Am – Being. 


This Icon of the Black Virgin symbolises Nurturing Space, allowing the Seed of Conscious Presence (the Divine child) to grow and blossom within the Soul and body (the boat.)

The creative Spirit – Ruach in Hebrew – means Universal Breath. All thoughts, every form arises and dissolves out of the movement of  the Universal Breath of Life.

As we increase our awareness of the Breath of Life, we allow all thought forms of fear, grief, pain, loneliness and separation to be held in a space of love and compassion, where they are dissolved into the One Consciousness that pervades all of life.

Be Present in the here-now with all your attention – as much as you can give to your awakening in this moment.


As you Breathe Consciously realise that you are rooted in Being – timeless Presence.

Right now, you are at one with the breath of Elohim – One Consciousness.


Realise that you are being breathed.

Space and breath are One.

This is beyond all form, beyond anything that the mind can understand as anything.

The Creative Spirit continually conceives new life, allowing all past and future imaginings to dissolve into Presence.

Agape – Unconditional Love


If I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit and of Angels but have not Love, then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel, the clamouring of restless and raging passions.”
The roaring of the incoming evening tide as the Earth rotates away from the constant presence of the Sun.

The Greek word Agape means Unconditional love, which comes from conscious presence, beyond the concepts of the mind. Agape is Love that has no opposite; it cannot become hate or anger, is non reactive. Agape is Love that endures in the face of what appears to be hopeless and insurmountable problems, desperate and unforgivable situations. Agape is conscious presence, which is a constant pressure welling up from deep within you.

It is easy to sentimentalize such images, or equally to dismiss them as merely instinctual: the bonding between mother and her newborn is essential for the health and vitality of the individual creature and each particular species

This idea of Love is difficult for us to comprehend and realise in ourselves, so we run away from it, hide from it, because to embrace it, we must first drop all our ego positions and identities. The poem of 1 Corinthians 13:1-10 gives us some insights into what this means.

To translate a mystical poem from Biblical Greek is not easy, it is not the same as changing ideas from one modern language into another. Like Love itself, there are many layers, and translating is an art, an unveiling that reveals deeper aspects of ourselves as we engage with the text without fear of loss.

The beauty of this poem on conscious love speaks to the heart, and is why I have heard it read at so many weddings, funerals, and other occasions that mark important transitions in peoples lives. Agape is an opening to the universe – to the conjunction of male and female, the human spirit and God. Agape is our natural state, and holds the key to deepening awareness of the unity of all life, and points the way forward if we are to break free of all needless pain and suffering.

The translation of the first ten verses of the poem given below is an approximation of the nuances contained within the Greek text.

If I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit (Anthropos) and of Angels but have not Agape (Unconditional Love), then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel, the clamouring of restless and raging passions.

And though I have inspired prophecies and insights into the mysteries, and all gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and such faith that I could remove mountains, and have not Agape, I am nothing.

And if I give away all my possessions to the poor, and give my body to burn as a shining light showing the way, but have not Agape in me, I gain nothing.  

Agape stays constant, is patient and kind, Agape does not envy or hate – knows no anger; Agape does not boast, and has no pride, it is not coarse or rude, does not insist upon its own way: it is not irritable (easily provoked) or resentful (injurious/destructive.) It does not rejoice at finding wrong but rejoices at goodness and truth; it bears all things, believes all things, endures all things. 

What we can know is only partial, our prophetic visions are only ever partial, but when that which is perfect comes (the peace of completion/Oneness with the creative outpouring,) the imperfect will pass away.   

Star birth cloud - Hubble images

Star birth cloud – new birth formed by the creative power of Absolute life is continually present within the universe.

Agape is the creative passion of the universe for continual renewal. Renewal can come out of intimate relationships and it can come out of death and the dissolving of forms.

Dying star - Hubble telescope

The death of a star seeds space with new life, and new possibilities. The atoms and particles that formed our Solar system, the Earth, with all its sentient life, and all the elements that make up your physical body are the result of such a death – as it transforms into a creative outpouring of life.

Agape is unaltered in the face of calamity, danger, and the difficulties that we face in our every day lives. Agape is accepting not knowing: faith in the continual creativity of the universe – far beyond the understanding of the mind.

Agape enters a consciously receptive vessel: inner silence: inner peace, which means stillness.

The mouth of a cave on the Island of Patmos at dawn

The mouth of a cave on the Island of Patmos at dawn: the place of the revelation is here within you now.

In Agape is the realisation that by staying alive to the creativity that continually flows into the universe, creativity will arise in you as it does. This is to enter paradise here, now; to realise the Kingdom of Heaven, here, now; to find true freedom, here, now. You do not have to wait until your physical body dies to access this living reality, but come to a deeper realisation of the essence of life within you now.

Agape as Love is beyond what the mind thinks of as love; I will explore this theme in greater depth over the coming months.

Mary Magdalene – the Divine Feminine.

Who is Mary Magdalene? The figure we meet in the gospels is commonly understood as a repentant whore, redeemed by her devotion to a male saviour. She is sometimes imagined as the consort of Jesus, or the beloved disiple. But in all cases she remains a woman, defined by her sexuality and her relationships.

To understand the true power of Mary Magdalene, we need to put all these images away, and understand her as a figure symbolic of our deepest inner abilities.

Mary Magdalene symbolises your ability to bring the stillness and silence of Divine Presence, and the creative power of the universe, to Earth. You yourself are rooted in the Divine and have the latent capacity to bring Divine Presence, and the abundant creativity that flows from it, into the physical world. (From the teachings in Patterns of Creation Axis Mundi Books 2012)

Divinity is Beyond Gender

Before we go any further, it is esential to understand that the Hebrew names  of God – or Divine attributes – that are given in the Bible are beyond gender. We have been misled for thousands of years by the patriarchal mindset that interprets the Divine as  masculine.

Here are a few of the most commonly used Hebrew names of God, with their meanings:

Ehieh – I AM;  

Jahveh – To be-Presence – Fullness of Life;

Elohim – Absolute life, source of every living thing;

Shekinah – Presence.

All these Hebrew names denote the formless essence and unity of life, containing the potential of both Feminine and Masculine. 

Elohim appears in the first verse of Genesis as the creator of Heaven and Earth. The stillness of Divine Presence continually gives birth to the creative spiritual universe, which is the formless beginning of space-time. Creation is not a past event: it is the ever-present here – now. From out of this formless creative movement comes all the form and matter of the cosmos.


Artistic depiction of the Creator as Goddess; the Divine Feminine – art collection, Musee d’Orsay, Paris

To the unconscious mind matter appears fixed and solid. Through spiritual awakening, we begin to see the depths of the heavenly universe that underlies the material world. In other words – “the Kingdom of Heaven is here now.” Mary Magdalene represents the awakening of this realisation within us.

infant stars

The birthplace of infant Stars in deep space – NASA, Hubble telescope image.

Mary as the Triple Goddess

In the Gospels Mary is a re-working of Isis the triple Goddess: her aspects are Bride, Mother, and Grandmother – wisdom keeper, and guardian of the natural world.

Mary as Mother: “The Hebrew name Miriam (Mary) can be translated in various ways, but the letters taken as Hebrew ciphers mean; the flow of creative mutable power, containing as principles, the seeds of absolute life; Creative Presence in Space – as Space, which allows life to take form, and become all that we experience as the physical world, the Earth and the Cosmos. It is for this reason she is called the Divine Mother, the Womb of Space, and the Great fertile Ocean.” (From the Book – Patterns of Creation.)

Mary as Bride: As the Bride she is called Mary Magdalene: In Hebrew Migdal means “tower,” “fortress:” that is, a deepening awareness of inner creative strength and conscious presence that exists as your core or essence. In Aramaic (spoken Hebrew), “Magdala” means “tower” and “elevation, to grow great, and magnificence.” This means to grow great and to elevate consciousness in the spiritual sense. 

Looking out from a fortified tower – Queribus fortress, Languedoc, France.

The fortified tower of Chateau de Queribus, Languedoc, France.

Magdalene symbolizes an elevated place of consciousness where you can see with clarity of vision, and the power and strength to hold space, in which creativity can take place in each moment.

Magdalene represents the central conduit of consciousness within the six directions of space, connecting I AM – presence with spirit (the formless), soul (form), and matter (the body).

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life.
As you begin to breathe consciously, the six directions of space, blossom from the central core.

Mary magdalene as Connectivity

Mary Magdalene represents your initiation into higher awareness. This often comes as a result of changes taking place in your life that are not always comfortable. However such changes are necessary as they open the way to the realization of a greater consciousness than the mind, and deepening awareness of the universal creative powers of life flowing through you. She is the path, or way, of honesty spoken about in various biblical stories.

Magdalene is the stillness behind all movement; supporting all life. When you silence the mind, you begin to notice that all movement continually emerges out of this stillness: the creative powers of the universe expressing themselves continuously through the diversity of all life. Through the conscious breath, you begin to feel that you are  intimately connected to the whole of life. (From the teachings in Patterns of Creation) 

Entering the Cave of the Magdalene


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek”
Joseph Cambell


Looking into the Cave is the inner reflection that nurtures and gives birth to Wisdom.

Mary the Wisdom Keeper – The Gospel of Mary

Little known until recently is the Gospel according to Mary (Magdalene), fragments of which were found in the Nag Hammadi manuscripts and also some later texts, circa fifth century, belonging to the Coptic Church.

Her teachings focus on the dissolution of thought forms in which we are entrapped, the end of the illusions of separation from the One and the Good.

The teachings of Mary Magdalene do not ask you to believe in anything. Instead you are asked to become the Magdalene, which means to awaken in yourself the ability to still and silence your mind, and realize the creative space that exists within you now, and that is accessible to you now. (From Patterns of Creation)

This is to be a conscious human being, taking responsibility for your inner world and what you do and say in the outer world.

You awaken from the dream of identification with form, and are no longer dominated by the unconscious mind; your own or that of anybody else.


Grai 3 enlarged

Mary Magdalene as the receptive vessel – refracting light makes a Grail like image on the horizon. Atlantic coast, Belle Isle, Brittany, France.

Mary as spiritually evolving humanity.

In her story Mary Magdalene is referred to as someone who prostitutes herself. Although our sexuality and our creative spiritual life are one, it is not simply the sexual aspect of our creativity that the stories referr to.

What Mary prostitutes as a young – which means unaware and inexperienced – woman are her creative powers. This is the condition of all spiritually unconscious humans – men as well as women.

When we are unconscious – spiritually – we identify ourselves with our unobserved thoughts. We then become possessed by emotionally charged thought forms.

This is the root all our anxieties and fears and all our egotistical behavior. Whilst we are in this unconscious state we give away our inner powers to those who would use us or take advantage of us.

Maria Magdlene, 1899 {{Creator:Wiktor Michajlowitsch Wassnezow}} The Russian Museum

Mary Magdalene is a meditation  in which you hold  Conscious Presence.
Icon of Mary Magdalene depicting her discovery of the empty tomb in which the body of Jesus had been laid. She is carrying a pitcher of Myrrh. 

The Feminine Face of the Christ

Mary becomes aware of Jesus and then the Christ in herself, not as a separate person but as her own inner creative spirit and Being.

This is the end of a subject – object relationship with life; knower and known are realized as One.

Christ contains the essence of both female and male. Christ is a state of consciousness – the realisation of your own Being.

Jesus (Greek) Joshua (Hebrew) is the personification of the creative spirit of every human being.

Mary as bride is the feminine aspect of the Christ, and her inner marriage, is to be an enlightened human being.

As you yourself realize this you no longer give away or lose your creative powers, but contain, and use them with awareness. As a spiritually conscious human being you can no longer be used or manipulated by your own ego, or the unconscious egocentric people around you. You are then able to help others find this ability in themselves.


Sunset fire on the sea – Belle Isle, Brittany, France.

This is the realization of what Magdalene symbolizes and points to within you.


Sunset on Belle Isle, Brittany, France.

As an awakened human being you are aware of the world of forms in which you move. At the same time, there is increased awareness of the formless creative presence out of which all form continually emerges, and into which it continually dissolves.

At your core is the source of all consciousness, which the Greek texts of the gospels call the Christos, the Eternal Presence within humanity that gives space in which creative life unfolds.