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Courses and Events with Stephen Pope and Eleanor O'Hanlon

Courses in Nature Connection with Stephen Pope and Eleanor O’Hanlon

Stephen and Eleanor have travelled together through some of the planet’s great wilderness areas and experienced deep and intimate communion with their wild inhabitants – the gray whales in the lagoons of Baja California, the desert elephants of the Namib, the lions, elephants and other beings of the Okavango Delta.

They bring these experiences of profound connection to their In the Spirit of Nature Connection courses, taught both online and in person. The courses take you into the living experience of our ancestral bond of Spirit with the natural world and the other animals, who are our companions and guardians of Being on this Earth.

Coming Soon: a new online course in October 2023.
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Photo: Stephen and Eleanor in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

This bond of Spirit with our fellow animals is our natural state of belonging; the animals, both wild and tamed, always recognise and respond to it. Steve and Eleanor show you how to access that natural state in daily life and experience the joy it brings. With simple energy practices we learn how to re-align our energies with nature – awakening the senses and harmonising mind and body. And with meditation and contemplation, we re-open our connection to the animal powers that are within, as well as without us – and know them as powerful messengers of the soul, who bring guidance, help and healing.

A new 10-week online course will begin in October 2023.
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Eyes of The Wild - the Book

Eleanor’s book Eyes of the Wild Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers takes the reader on a series of wildnerness journeys to meet great whales, wolves and polar bears, brown bears and horses; it won the Nautilus Gold Book Award for nature writing and has been acclaimed for its innovative blend of ecology and spiritual insight.

You can find more about Eleanor’s writing and read the opening chapter of Eyes of the Wild at


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