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For 2024 - New Online Mystical Hebrew Courses
Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Christ Mysteries

A 10-week course live on Zoom. Beginning on Wednesday January 10 2024 at 16.00 CET. Contact me to know more and to book.

With Stephen Pope BD MA and Dr Megan Wagner

The Mary Magdalene Mysteries are found throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament). This may seem impossible, since most of us only know Mary Magdalene as a person introduced in the New Testament.
But the figure of the Magdalene appears long before, in the Hebrew texts as Mara, Mary, Miriam, Magdalena, Magdalah. Concealed within the historical figure are profound mystical teachings on this state of being.To be “Magdalah, Magdalene, Mary” is to be a fortified tower, keeper of the spiritual mysteries, with an awakened spine or central pillar, a female Christ, one who connects Heart and Third Eye Chakras, and lives from the center of the heart. Are you ready to become a Magdalah? To hold your center, to open your heart, to receive your Divine Self, reclaim your sovereign sexuality and activate your Merkabah Light Body, to serve the collective awakening of the world?
In this new series on Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Christ Mysteries we’ll be following these themes and opening up the profound depth and beauty of the teachings from the Hebrew of the Song of Songs:
• The Feminine Christ
• Activating your Diamond Light Body
• Merkabah Teachings
• Shekhinah in the Temple
• Reclaiming your Sexual Sovereignty
• The True Teachings of Lilith as part of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

Mary Magdalene. Hand-painted on silk robe by Dr Megan Wagner

New Foundation Course in Mystical Hebrew Beginning February 6 2024

The Hebrew Letters speak to us directly from the spiritual dimension, out of which the Creation – Bereshith in Hebrew, – continually emerges, here and now.

We will learn how to make our own bond with the Letters, and allow their healing energies to resonate inside. We also explore the creative patterns that are woven through key passages of the sacred Hebrew texts: the Book of Genesis, Bereshith, and the Song of Songs, Shir Ha Shirim. We come to know that everything described in these sacred texts is alive within us: we are multi-dimensional beings, in communion with the universal Consciousness of Creation.

6 Weeks Live online with Stephen Pope. Via Zoom.

Course Cost: £110/$140/130 euros. For more information or to receive the zoom links and make a booking on the course, please contact Stephen Pope

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New – Stephen’s work on Kabbalah and sacred Hebrew is now translated and available in French on  his new French website: teachingsofthemothertree.com 


A New Article with Stephen Pope appears in this month's Parabola Magazine

In Conversation with Stephen Pope and Eleanor O’Hanlon – The Letters of Black Fire: Exploring The Sacred Hebrew Letters and the Creative Dynamics of Darkness and Light.

Read – The Letters of Black Fire Interview with Stephen Pope on the Hebrew Letters Parabola Magazine Winter Edition 2022

And then experience the profound depths of the Hebrew Letters coming alive within yourself in this beautiful guided video meditation with Stephen – as he leads you into the sacred resonances of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.


Kabbalah is Ancient Wisdom for Awakening Now.

Liberating the Spirit of the Hebrew teachings on Creation, Creativity and the Sacred Feminine.
 Stephen Pope comes from the tradition of Kabbalah which is non- religious. He brings out the essence of these ancient teachings simply and directly, and presents fresh translations of biblical texts that liberate them from the distortions caused by centuries of patriarchal mistranslation, misogyny and hierarchical thinking.

“I present the essence of the teachings as simply and directly as possible. They are so needed now, at this point of acute crisis in human evolution, because they contain the truth of who we really are, as human beings, and they illuminate our relationship with our follow creatures and the planet, the solar system and the entire cosmos.”

Stephen Pope

“The teachings of Kabbalah tell us that the whole of existence is conscious and responsive. All is a manifestation of the One Consciousness, which is expressing itself through the unfolding of the Great Beauty of diverse life, in multiple dimensions.

The Creation is not a past event: it is ever-present within us, here and now. As we free our minds from the grip of compulsive thinking and become still and present, we consciously receive that outpouring of creative Life from the formless Source. This is the essence of Kabbalah, which comes from the Hebrew root meaning “to receive.”

When we are open and receptive, Life teaches us directly. The beings of the natural world can also become our teachers and help us to awaken more fully. We begin to participate consciously in the unfolding beauty of Creation, in communion with the natural world and all the creatures of the Creation.

I have degrees in biblical studies and I studied Hebrew at university level for five years, which was a very valuable experience. However my main source of inspiration comes through meditating on the Hebrew letters, which is how they were originally intended to be taught and received. This is how I teach the sacred dimension of the Hebrew letters now: through meditation and the conscious breath, allowing them to come alive within.

I also work with the hidden Feminine Wisdom within Kabbalah, in particular the Song of Songs and the Mary Magdalene Mysteries. The Hebrew poetry of the Song of Songs is among the most profound and beautiful expressions of spiritual awakening – in Love for all Life, in Spirit and in Flesh.

The teachings of the Mary Magdalene Mysteries originate from the Song of Songs, and were given new form in the Gospels, especially the Gospel of John. The Mary Magdalene teachings give us the direct, practical guidance for embodying creativity as our natural state: awakening the spirit of the breath, awakening the spine, harmonising our sexual and creative fires, and connecting fully to the glory of nature and the cosmos. This inner connection to the natural world is an essential part of all true spiritual awakening. As we open more fully, we can receive profound spiritual guidance through our fellow animal, plant and insect beings. The gray whales and the African elephants in particular are among my most important spiritual teachers.

Meeting them, and other great beings in immediate presence has transformed my understanding of spiritual awakening and inspired me to teach The Spirit of Nature Connection, with my companion, Eleanor O’Hanlon, author and conservationist.


Patterns of Creation - the Book

Restoring the inner teachings of the Gospel of John

Patterns of Creation illuminates the ideas contained in the Greek – Aramaic text of Gospel of John, so that the untranslatable geometric figures of Logos and the Universal Tree of Life, may become for you, the reader, the living reality they point to, beyond their use as symbols.

Work with Me: Writings, Courses and Retreats

Mountain trail sunrise

On this website you will find extracts from my book Patterns of Creation, along with extracts from teachings on the Feminine Wisdom Tradition of the Song of Songs and The Mary Magdalen Mysteries, The Hebrew Letters and Sacred Geometry.

You can listen to online guided meditations, and short extracts from my online courses.

And you can explore ways in which we could work together – in person and online – with these events, courses and workshops.

Stephen Pope
BD. MA. Dip.Humanistic Psychology.


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