Agape – Love, the sacred power of consciousness

Agape – Love, could be described as the activation of the sacred power of consciousness within us,
a deep initiation into the creative power that permeates the visible universe.
The Seed of Life

For if I speak with the inspired language of the Human Spirit (Anthropos)

and the voices of Angels (the Patterns of Creation)

but have not Agape (Unconditional/universal Love),

then I become like the roaring echo of an empty vessel,

the clamouring of restless and raging passions. 

And though I have inspired prophecies and insights into the mysteries,

and all gnosis (spiritual knowledge), and such faith that I could remove mountains,

and have not Agape, I am nothing. 

The Flower of Life

And if I give away all my possessions to the poor,

and give the vitality of my body to burn as a shining light showing the way,

but have not Agape in me, I gain nothing.  

Agape stays constant, is patient and kind;

Agape does not envy or hate – knows no anger; 

Agape does not boast, and has no pride; it is not coarse or rude, does not insist upon its own way.

It is not irritable or easily provoked; it is not resentful, injurious or destructive.

It does not rejoice at finding wrong but rejoices at goodness, beauty and truth.

Agape never gives up, never loses faith, has confidence, and perseveres through every circumstance.  

The Flower of Life

What we can know is only partial,

our prophetic visions are only ever partial,

but when that which is perfect comes (the peace of completion/Oneness with the continual creative outpouring,)

the imperfect (identification with forms) will pass away.

The Flower of Life

When I was a child, I spoke without knowledge, I lacked understanding,

I reasoned without knowledge or wisdom;

when I became an adult, I deprived those childish ways of their power and influence over me.

For now we discern as in a darkened mirror, but then in immediate presence (face to face).

Now my Gnosis is partial, but then I will know, as I Am known.

1 Cor 13:1-12 (My translation)

The Flower of Life – Roman Tile, Cordoba

The Oneness of completion with the continual creative outpouring, that which is perfect, is not the end of created life, nor the cessation of change in the world, it is the Peace that comes to us as we allow life to flow freely through the centre of consciousness that we find to be at our core within the great unfolding universe. 

All forms are fleeting and in continual flux.

To let go of attachment to all forms, is to allow the imperfect to pass away. All our holding on to form becomes imperfect because the creative spirit is a constant flux of renewal. Peace comes to us when we stand at the core of our Being, which is simultaneously the point of unknowing that allows the spirit to unfold freely.

All creatures exist within the formless creative universe and the world of form simultaneously.
What we see is a mere fleeting glimpse of their reflection.
To see their true depths we first need to find our own true depths.

Everything we see, touch and, hear is an impression of the One consciousness interpreted by the mind as a series of objects and events. The source of life is the Eternal Presence: I Am – Being.  From out of Eternal Presence comes the continual outpouring of  creativity – Agape. This is the formless universe of Ideas which flows as the breath in great rhythmic pulses, sustaining the sea of  ever changing forms and ephemeral matter we call the Cosmos.

When you still and silence the mind, you become aware of this continual outpouring as living presence animating everything in existence.

Every Creature is a revelation of the continual creative outpouring.

Universal Love is not the limited to human beings. Every creature is involved in the great revelation of Agape: each creature at first discerning its being as in a darkened mirror, but then realising the brilliant fullness of its beauty as an intimate expression of the whole universe – both visible and non-visible.

We are emerging consciousness in human form. To become Human – Being is our destiny; to look into the dark inner reaches of the cave of unknowing, is to begin to see the brilliance of the fullness of consciousness emerging out of the Great Cosmic womb. 

This is to be continually born anew in Eternal Presence, where we relinquish all identity with form. 

Through becoming consciousness itself you are At-One with that Presence.

You create no more suffering for yourself, for others, or the creatures of the natural world.

This is Agape.