The Light of the Cosmos

The light of the Sun seen piercing through clouds in the beautiful Connemara national park, Eire. The light shimmers off the surface

John 8:12 Jesus spoke anew to them saying; “I exist as presence – Being –  the spiritual light of the Cosmos. Whoever walks in presence step for step (through conscious living) shall not walk through life in spiritual darkness (the unconsciousness of ignorance) but will hold (within them) the spiritual light of all life – the living breath.” (My translation)

Pilgrims climbing Cruach Phádraig (Croagh Patrick), Co Mayo, Eire on St Patrick’s Day.

The Peak of Cruach Phádraig shrouded in cloud. Climbing the mountain symbolises the ascension in consciousness into the Presence of God.

In the Gospels conscious living is symbolised by light. This means to be as fully present to life as you can be. This can also be called Love, for Love is consciousness, it is universal. As we awaken we fluctuate between ego love which fears rejection, feels hurt, seeks revenge and hates – and Universal Love that has no opposite – no fear. This is how we learn the difference between the Love – Light of conscious presence – that Jesus speaks of, and the love of the ego.

The Sharpness of light from the winter Solstice Sun on Ballybunion strand, Co Kerry, Eire.
Newgrange Neolithic site dating from around 3200 BCE, Co Meath, Eire. It is aligned with the rising sun, which floods the interior stone chamber with light at dawn on the winter solstice. The inner passageway and end chamber is set out in the shape of a classical Celtic Cross, also depicting the six directions of space.
The Hill of Tara represents the sacred centre of Ireland and the six directions of Space that radiate from it. Seen here on a summer’s day, with the land shrouded in cloud, mist and rain.

The centre of the great circle of Life exists at the core of every human being, whether we are aware of it or not.  The presence of God that we seek is already within us and cannot be hidden. If you would only become still and silent you would feel God’s Presence now, opening your heart.