Beyond Duality: The 10 Instructions For Conscious Living

Living in the Spirit of Connection

Every authentic spiritual tradition has given instructions for conscious living. In the Kabbala these are given as the Ten Saying or the Ten Instructions, mistranslated into English as the Ten Commandments in the Book of Exodus.

This translation is totally misleading. It is inaccurate, and perpetuates belief in rigid hierarchies and the commands of religious authority.

In reality, the Hebrew teachings offer us guidance to finding true connectivity, communion and community with the whole of life – all Life, beyond duality. Now more than ever it is essential to realize that the whole of life is a sacred Reality. Then we can begin to form authentic human community, within the flow of life from the natural world, and Creative Spirit.

This is the inner pulse that becomes the Spirit of Nature Connection.

I present fresh translations from the Ten Instructions, to liberate the teachings from the authoritarian lock-down of spiritual energy, which is the antithesis of the inner freedom they offer.

Translation from Kabbalah from The Second Instruction in the Book of Exodus.

“Do be suppressed by mind-made thought forms

Nor become depressed by them.

Nor should you work for them
Nor become a slave to any thought form:
Ideologies presented to you by the unconscious human collective

Because the I that is JHVH your Elohi

Is the fullness of vital and passionate Life

Continually revealing its Essence to you

As your innermost truth.”

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