The Sacred Hebrew Aleph-bet

Receiving the Patterns of Creation

There is a sacred dimension hidden within the Letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Aleph-Bet.
When we open to them in meditation, the Letters become portals between formless Spirit and all the forms of mind and body that we experience as the psychological and physical universe.

Through meditation, we receive the Letters – which are also numbers – as spiritual resonances that speak to us directly, and expand our connection into the Spirit of Creation, which is ever present, here and now.

Finding inner connection with the Hebrew Letters is an ancient practice of Kabbala to open up our right-mind consciousness that profoundly feels the Unity of All.

And this openness brings new clarity to the conceptual mind. A fresh flow of creative energy unites our non-conceptual awareness with the left-brain function of conceptual thought, and unites formless Spirit with the formation of mind and body.

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