The Spirit of Nature Connection

Awakening to Creation through the Natural World

As we awaken spiritually, we find new depths of wonder and greater love for the natural world and all our fellow creatures. There is fresh awareness of the consciousness within the plant and animal beings, the elemental powers of nature and the planetary being. Through this awakening, we expand into living relationship with the sun, the solar system and the star.

In this immediate presence, we know that all is conscious, responsive, alive. We know that the entire natural world is interwoven in consciousness: arising now, within Timeless Presence, which the Hebrew teachings call Elohim and Yahveh Elohim.

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artwork by Melissa Martinez called Getting to know… Tree of Life, sacred geometry

Awakening to the Tree of Life

You are the Tree of Life in human form, a microcosmic reflection of the Universe. To begin to realise this is to consciously inhabit your body, and to live within awareness of non-duality.  The word for tree in ancient Hebrew is Etz. This word

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The Light of Consciousness.

Life is sacred, the Natural World is a reflection of the One Consciousness that permeates the Solar system, Galaxy, and Cosmos. This abundant flow of creativity gives rise to and sustains every living thing. How can we cut ourselves off

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The Essence of Life

This blog post is inspired by a walking meditation in forested mountains on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Meditation in the Forest. Through the conscious breath I felt a deepening connection with the underlying Spirit of Life. On the surface of

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