Workshop and Retreat Dates

Workshops and Retreats in The South of France and Online Kabbalah courses.

najacOnline courses available exploring Kabbalah and  The Tree of Life and Hebraic Kabbalah.


Details and Prices here:

The Hebrew Letter-Numbers

New 10 week online course

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine from the Distortions of Patriarchy

On this course  we will explore the Hebrew names of the Goddesses and reclaim their Feminine power from Patriarchal distortions. In Week 1 we learn the Hebrew meaning of the name ASHERAH: Creatrix. In Week 2 we study and reclaim LILITH: The Wild Feminine. Then CHEVA (Eve): The Great Circle of Life. In Week 4, SARAH: The Royal/Noble Feminine. Then ELLA: Midwife. In Week 6 DEVORAH – The Fruitful Nourishing Feminine. In Week 7 – MARY: Queen of Heaven. Then in Weeks 8 – 10 MARY MAGDALENE: Guardian of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

Course Tutor Stephen Pope BD MA

Hosted by Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner Phd

Dates: Feb 11- April 28. Price: $250 Register now. (PayPal adds a small fee)

For prices and details of online Kabbalah courses

click here:


Meditation retreats and workshops are available throughout the year in France.


Ask Here for prices and availability:

Awakening to Conscious Presence in Nature: Meditation with the Body and the Breath.

We work with meditation and yoga based movement, conscious breathing and the sacred geometry of the body to connect with the creative Source of life within and find true freedom.

There are also workshops available for those interested in Kabbalah and the Hebrew Letters.

For location details click here.

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