Sites connecting you with Kabbalah


Alham6 The photographic blog for Patterns of Creation on Tumblr

IMG_4272 The website for Meditation Retreats with Stephen Pope and Eleanor O’Hanlon

walking-kabbalah  A wonderful and resourceful website on Kabbalah – with much information on how to start practicing – and deepening your practice of Kabbalah. Based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.


The Kabbalah Society  This line of Kabbalah follows the Toledano Tradition dating back to medieval Spain: Based in London, UK, with access to workshops and meditation groups for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Other Sites on Meditation and Awareness The official website for Eckhart Tolle TV.

Contemplative Spirituality  Contemplative Spiritual Practices and Courses, and the Rose Window Hermitage for retreats in London.

The Scientific and Medical Network Founded in 1973, The SMN is an interdisciplinary networking forum and educational charity exploring science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality. It hosts conferences, dialogues and talks in the UK and on continental Europe.

Connecting with Nature and the Natural World – Through Spiritual Ecology.


eyesofwildplusaward small

Eyes of the Wild  The website of the book Eyes of the Wild – Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers.  There are connections to workshops and field trips with the Author Eleanor O’Hanlon, helping us to connect with the Natural World through Spiritual Ecology.


The World Land Trust Rainforest conservation in action.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa’s wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as Elephants and Black Rhino.


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