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The Letters of Black Fire – Interview with Stephen Pope on the Hebrew Letters Parabola Magazine Winter 2022

“Kabbalah is not about believing anything,” says Stephen Pope. “It is not about finding some ultimate truth that can be pinned down. When we open to the spiritual wisdom within the Hebrew letters and their sacred texts, the creative patterns of the universe can unfold for us as continuous revelation—multi-dimensional, timeless, seeking to be known within each person.”
By tradition, the sacred Hebrew texts of the Torah are said to be written in letters of black fire upon white fire—a profound image of creative wholeness, beyond any duality or opposition of what we perceive through our minds as darkness and light.

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New on line Hebrew Kabbalah courses available

At the end of this post is a link to online Mystical Hebrew courses on the Ancient Hebrew Letter-Numbers and Kabbalah. The first course is an exploration using meditation, contemplation and discussion of the Ancient Hebrew Aleph-Bet. This is a

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Podcast interview on the Kabbalah

This manuscript shows the ancient unpointed Hebrew text from the Book of Exodus. This post links to a podcast which was broadcast live on Unity Radio, on the 5thof November 2018. It is a conversation between myself and the Rev Maggie Whitehouse in which we discuss the difficulties in gaining

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Realizing our creative essence

In the still, silent clarity at your core, know the I Am consciousness that is your Elohim: weaver of Bereshith, this vast creative container of Life: Weaver of the Tabah of Noach, the container that consciously receives and transmits the

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