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Patterns of Creation

by Stephen Pope

John Hunt Publishing 2012, 276pp., £14.99, p/b.

Subtitled ‘Logos and the tree of life in the Gospel of John’, this remarkable and profound work takes the understanding of the gospel to a new level. The author is a practicing mystic in the Kabbalistic tradition and also a translator of Greek and Hebrew texts. This scholarship comes through very clearly in the text and commentary. The Logos is understood as the essence and unity of Life, and is designed to awaken the reader to the greater consciousness that exists at the core of our being. To this end, the author provides not only a narrative illustrated geometrically with the tree of life, but also a series of meditations to help the reader enter more deeply into the meaning of the gospel and the stillness within. The later chapters explore union with God in the symbol of death and resurrection, and there is a fascinating separate chapter on the historical background to the text. Some readers will know that the Gospel of John is the esoteric gospel and that it is not meant to be taken literally, as many fundamentalists have done. There is also a chapter on the symbolism of the Kabbalah and a full translation from the Greek of the first two chapters of the gospel. Readers interested in deepening their knowledge of the Gospel of John should make a careful and contemplative study of this book.

Review  for Goodreads.

by Sara Geller


This is a serious text on a serious subject and as such it is not light reading but you don’t have to be a Kabbalist to appreciate this really fascinating and enlightening book. Nor do you need to be particularly religious. All you really need is to want to understand more about the truth of existence. So often when I’ve looked at the Bible and struggled to put meaning to the stories, I’ve wished I had a teacher who could help me, using language I was familiar with. This book does just that and more. It goes far beyond explanations, allowing you, through the guided meditations to actually experience the teachings of the Gospel of John in a direct and personal way. It does this within the framework of the Kabbalah and The Tree of Life, showing you in an accessible way, how the two are intertwined. It truly brought the teachings to life for me and that is far more than I had hoped for when I began reading. There is so much information in this for anyone wanting answers and the stories, when explained, contain so much wisdom. It really is teaching at its very best.   

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. This is a book you always said you would write and I’m so glad you did. I have many memories of working with you in North Wales…..I lost the path in many ways but am finding my way back. It has been good to find this… much to read and reconnect with. Thank you for writing it.

    • Hi Sue, I am amazed to hear from you again after so many years – I have so many wonderful memories of my time in North Wales (I even put a small piece about it in the book) It is a place that is still very much in my heart: And the meditation group we had there was very special to me in so many ways. I would love to catch up with you properly: I am living in Southern France now – so my email is I would love to hear from you, and how you are doing, lots of love, Steve

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