Understanding the Tree of Life through the Hebrew Letters

New 6 week online course with Stephen Pope BD MA and Dr Megan Wagner

How can we better understand the Tree of Life Teachings with the knowledge of Mystical Hebrew?
In this 6-Week series, we explore the Hebrew meaning of:
  • “Kabbalah”
  • “Sephirot & Sephirah”
  • The fruits of the Tree: Keter, Hokhmah, Binah, Daat, Hesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Nezah, Hod, Yesod, Malkut.
  • The meaning of the 4 Worlds: Azilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, Assiyah

Online Course Topics

Tuesday May 5th 2020   Week 1
Enjoy the first lesson on the Hebrew menaing of “Kabbalah”, “Sephirot” and of “Keter-Malkut”.

Tuesday May 12th 2020   Week 2
We study Hokmah Binah and Da’at.

Tuesday May 19th 2020 Week 3
Gevurah Hesed into Tipharet.

Tuesday May 26th 2020 Week 4
Tipharet – Centering of Consciousness

Tuesday June 2nd 2020 Week 5
Yesod Hod Netzach

Tuesday June 9th 2020 Week 6
The meaning of the Four Worlds

Course Tutor Stephen Pope BD MA

Hosted by Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner PhD

Dates: May 5 – June 9. Price: $150 (PayPal adds a small fee)

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New on line Hebrew Kabbalah courses available

At the end of this post is a link to online Mystical Hebrew courses on the Ancient Hebrew Letter-Numbers and Kabbalah. The first course is an exploration using meditation, contemplation and discussion of the Ancient Hebrew Aleph-Bet. This is a comprehensive introduction to the Hebrew Letters followed by an exploration of some of the phrases and verses of the Hebrew text found in Genesis and Exodus.

The first course of Mystical Hebrew is 10 one hour sessions with a final 11th double lesson. There are written materials, and audio meditations, to support the audio and video recordings of each lesson.

The introductory course is followed by a second course: The Ten Commandments Re-imagined. This course explores the inner meanings of the Ten Commandments, which are more accurately translated as the Ten sayings, or Ten recommendations for Conscious Living. You are taken through the text of Chapter 20 of the book of Exodus in its original ancient Hebrew, which is radically different from the standard mistranslations we have been brought up with.

This course is over 11 one hour and 30 minute sessions, where we meditate and contemplate the inner meanings of the Hebrew texts, and discuss the impact of there inner meanings on our spiritual awakening. There is a Pdf text to accompany the audio-visual recording of each lesson, which is available to be viewed as many times as you like.

Here is the link to Megan Wagner’s website for prices and further details on the courses:  https://meganwagner.com/spiritual-practice-programs/
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Podcast interview on the Kabbalah

This manuscript shows the ancient unpointed Hebrew text from the Book of Exodus.

This post links to a podcast which was broadcast live on Unity Radio, on the 5thof November 2018. It is a conversation between myself and the Rev Maggie Whitehouse in which we discuss the difficulties in gaining an authentic translation of biblical texts from ancient Greek and Hebrew into modern languages.

We also discuss the Kabbalistic understanding of the names of God such as Ehieh, JHVH and Elohim. When we approach them more deeply, through the Hebrew letters, and in a meditative state, we realize that these are not names of any “thing.” Rather they are meditations, pointers to the Essence of all life that lies within the Heart of every human being and of every life form, as their infinite potential. 

JHVH and Elohim were never intended as names of an objective entity (a deity), which needed to be worshipped. The Hebrew letters act as bridges between the conceptual mind and the non-conceptual consciousness. They point to the Essence of who you really are: to the Source of all life deep within: No-thing- All, timeless and formless, in which the communion of existence takes place.  

The purpose of Kabbalah – which means to be consciously receptive to this Essence of all life – is to awaken the Soul into its spiritual home, which is present within you now. From there you can begin to transmit the teaching, primarily wordlessly, to others who are already open to receiving.

You can listen to the programme by clicking on this link:


Ancient papyrus fragment of biblical Hebrew. The Ten Commandments

Realizing our creative essence

In the still, silent clarity at your core, know the I Am consciousness that is your Elohim: weaver of Bereshith, this vast creative container of Life: Weaver of the Tabah of Noach, the container that consciously receives and transmits the creativity of Life: Weaver of the Universal Tree with all of its nesting places, welcoming Life in all of its forms.

We have the innate ability to create these nesting places within us, which means to consciously participate in the birthing, nurturing and nourishing of all life. As humans, this is our responsibility. But we are not taking responsibility: In the mind of the Human collective we have reduced life to dead matter and a series of commodities, stuff to be bought and sold, polluted and used, and in doing so we are committing collective adultery, collective suicide.

It is not enough to say that the Earth will be fine without us. It is true that the Earth is perfectly capable of producing abundant life once we’re gone, but we are a part of this abundant creativity of multidimensional Life, and we are supposed to be consciously present here, to participate in the weaving of the world tree, the web of Life.

Breathe with awareness and look consciously at the world, wherever you are now. All that appears to the mind as external has a common Source which is at your very core, the essence of who you  are as Human-Being. All of Life, in all its diversifying forms is coming from that selfsame Source that you can feel as the pulse of creativity deep within you.  And in this spiritually awakened state you will know that there’s no exclusivity.

No single human is unique, and humanity is not a special creature, a special expression of the One consciousness. We have a particular role in creation, but know that everything you see around you is also expressing this One consciousness, the book of Genesis and Exodus call Elohim.

There is a pulsation of Life that we experience through the conscious breath, of gathering in to our center and expanding out through the six directions of space.

This center, is the core, the essence, of everything that exists, and is the source of what we call gravity: the gathering-in of consciousness.

Another way of saying this is that Consciousness is expressed in the Universe as gravity,  which allows life the spaciousness to blaze forth with creative life through the six directions.

Standing on the strand pictured in this blog, North Kerry, Eire, breathing with the Sun and the Sea, the rounded stones and sculpted sky and mountains, I consciously gather in, and allow myself to expand through the six directions. I realize the Land and Sea, the Earth,  are within me because I drink of their waters. It is the purest water, because it is always new, continually created as this moment now. The birds wade in the shallows, and fly overhead: the heat of the Sun on this cold spring day warms my blood and bones, because it is in my blood and in my bones.

This Universal Consciousness – Elohim – is all-inclusive. So we are advised, through our instructions given to Moses, not to make graven images, because any image we identify with or look to for salvation is ultimately not real. If you are searching for this deep inner connection, know that it is always available to you, and when you realize this Permanent Presence, you can never really lose it, even though your mind will cause you to wander far away from it.

So breathe consciously, feel the vitality of your multidimensional field, that is continually manifesting your mind-body. From there you move with awareness, and speak with awareness of Presence. This is that I that is Elohim: source of all creativity: source of all that is life affirming.

We are also advised not to adulterate the purity of life.  All pollution originates from the isolated human mind, and manifests in the world because of our unconscious habitual thought forms.

Go back to the Source to get what you need. Everything you need is there and you can share that abundance with everyone and everything around you by simply being consciously Present, and breathing, moving, and speaking with conscious Presence. This does not require any thinking: just the simple practice of being in and as, this moment, now, to the best of your ability.

When you drink in this Life, you’re drinking from the whole – particles and stars. And this is what the Hebrew texts of Genesis and Exodus are pointing to: the whole of life is calling to us, calling us into awakening. Then you know: what appears to the mind as outside you is also within you, and flowing through the whole cosmos.

And making this conscious connection with animals, plants and all sentient Life – which also means everything that exists at the elemental level – at this time now “the darkest hour” of humanity is really important. Because it is the darkest hour that is the opportunity for the next evolutionary leap in Spiritual Consciousness.

Those of us who can already hear and see need more than ever to hold all these creatures that co-create life in the nesting places in our consciousness. This affects all life from the sub-atomic particles to the Planetary consciousness and Solar system. To be here, as this moment now, breathing and feeling the web of Life coursing through us, and coursing through every living thing, is our greatest gift to the World.

Be still and know the I that is Elohim

this I is the conscious awakening of all humanity

this I is the conscious awakening of All sentient Life

from subatomic to interstellar Space.

Psalm 46, my translation.

Meditation in the Cave of Mary Magdalene at Winter Solstice


The Cave of Mary Magdalene is set high in the cliff face beneath the rising Sun. According to legend, Mary Magdalene dwelt here in this Cave as a teacher and healer for thirty years.

The Cave of Mary Magdalene, high up in the side of a Provencal mountain, is a doorway into sacred space. It symbolizes the doorway which exists within you now, between the outer and inner Life. In Hebrew the name Magdalene means inner strength, and the protective space in which creativity can take place. The space of conscious meeting for formless spirit and universal formation.

The figure of Mary Magdalene represents the feminine consciousness within us all, both women and men, that desires to be fully alive, to awaken to our true nature, and realize our creative potential.

IMG_2663To enter within your innermost Self, listen with your whole body. Hear the silence, and the songs arising out of that timeless silence. Breathe consciously, and feel the still Presence out of which creative life is continually arising, as this moment, now.

Breathe with the Sun and the Earth, breathe with the forests and the Oceans. Breathe with the stars in the night sky.

Through engendering Love, compassion, and empathy in the human collective, parasitical thought forms from the egocentric mind cannot pollute or drain life from the world around us, nor destroy the new born spiritual awakening which is now taking root in the New Humanity.

Despite the negativity that we see and hear through politics and the media, there has never been a greater opportunity to awaken to the beauty of the universal consciousness that flows through every living thing, and that is available for us to step into right now, wherever we are.

IMG_2617This potential to awaken to the Bright Light of the Spirit is within the heart of every Woman and Man. It is a rebirth that takes us into the intensity of Life in the present moment.

The intense creative Presence of the fullness of life is timeless, calling us to awaken and join with the rest of creation in shared abundance: in a greater community where we join with all of our fellow species as companions.IMG_2544

To take this path is not avoidance of the human world, and all of the unnecessary suffering that so much psychological ignorance is causing at this time. Spirituality is not a way of enhancing the ego, making you richer and more successful or a better person than others. Spiritual awakening is to be inclusive, to consciously embrace multi-dimensional and diversifying Life, and live this Life fully.


To enter within the depths of the human Spirit is to leave behind the baggage of mental noise, to leave our stories, histories and narratives about who we are and what we need.

Be still and enter the contemplative silence of no-mind: the suspension of all thought. Be conscious that the spiritual dimension is here within you now, in your breath and in your blood.


It is only the unobserved mind and all its compulsive thought forms that separates us from the Malkut HaShamaim.

Malkut HaShamaim is translated as the Kingdom of Heaven. In Hebrew it means the formless Source of dynamic infinite potential, the unified field of every possible form of Life, beyond all our conceptions of time and space.

IMG_2687In Kabbalah this Source is sometimes called the Brilliance of Life: Bahir and Zohar are Hebrew words which seek to express the inner Fire – the essence of all Life, Source of every Woman and Man, and every living thing.

The essence of Kabbalah is to receive Life, which means to still the mind and become silent within. This creates a conscious vessel, a sacred space which receives the fire of life, and the realisation of connection to the abundance of this multi-dimensional universe, which is always here, now.

Love is another word for Consciousness, and it has no opposite. Love is a state of non-duality, where we cannot hate or be indifferent, cannot hide or lie, nor be afraid of and seek to control Life.

IMG_2632We are One with all that the mind interprets as the outside world


When you are consciously present the whole universe can be felt as alive within you.

Mary Magdalene is the feminine face of fully realized Humanity, called Christ consciousness in biblical Greek. In the external world, she appears to have lost everything. She is an exile, a refugee, a woman who has witnessed the worst of human cruelty, the beginning of the war that will lay waste to her homeland. Yet she has found the certainty of the spiritual universe within herself, she lives and breathes it and teaches it to those around her.

We all have this same ability to connect with the spiritual universe and this opportunity is open to us now. It is not a future that we need to wait for.

When we choose to be present, we are joining the greater community of life. This means we are no longer enslaved by, the unconscious human mind. Our first step to true liberation and peace is realizing that we can step outside of the unobserved human mind, see the madness of the human world and not be overwhelmed by it. You too can tap into this creative spiritual dimension that frees you, by becoming conscious now. And if not now, when?


Meditation on the Tree of Life

Put your conscious attention into the base of the spine, the coccyx, and feel it supported in the Earth.


Feel the fullness of the spine rising up, shooting forth like a tree, its rootedness in the earth. As the awareness rises up the spine, the roots mirror the trunk, spreading out and down into the earth beneath your feet.

The trunk puts forth branches into the air, leafing leaf, budding, fruiting, and you are breathing from the base, opening up the trunk into the solar plexus and the heart, opening out through the 6 directions with each breath.

Inhabiting your space.

With each conscious breath, your conscious attention in this moment now, become aware of the vitality already present in the spine, in the body. This energy radiates out through the six directions, encompassing the Earth, the Moon, and the planets, pulsating life coming out of the core, from the timeless, formless essence of who you are.IMG_1285

This is the essential part of you that never moves and never speaks; the part of you that is always present and always creative. An intense aliveness, burning through the mists of the unobserved mind, rising in splendour like the Sun. Through your attention, in this moment, now, consciousness enters into the world, which is the inner meaning of Yisrael, to rise in splendour, as the Sun: To become conscious of being conscious.

If your mind wanders into any thought streams, bring your attention back into this moment, focusing on the real.

The real is the pulsation of life, arising from the core of who you are. You are suspended in deep space; the planet is floating beneath you, held within the field of consciousness or gravity that gathers into its center, the Star in which we move, around the outer arm of the galaxy, the galaxy which is also spinning around its axis, its spinal cord, its point of vanishing.In Hebrew the vanishing point is Daath, the 11th dimension. We are multi-dimensional beings, inhabiting a multi-dimensional universe, and all the creatures that inhabit it with us are also multi-dimensional. There is nothing that does not come from the Spirit of the Breath of Life.


Bereshit in Hebrew is the creative imminence of Aleph, the intangible no-thing, and the essence of all, here but not-here, continually emerging and disappearing, a unified field of multiple centers out of which all life continually arises.

Aleph is carried up on the fire of the Breath, the Shin, birthing itself as a trillion, trillion stars, countless sub-atomic particles, countless centers of consciousness, each a Yod, a seeding seed. Every possible possibility, infinite potential, is here, now, within you.

And when you breathe consciously you are not just taking in oxygen, but the Spirit of the Breath, which feeds you on all levels, and it is this formless presence that pushes out to the surface of Life through the 6 directions, manifesting your mind and through mind, your body.The body will pass away, and so too the mind, but consciousness has no time and no place. It is sometimes called all times and all places. All are One. It is the deathless, the Eternal, no time, no past, no future, only the imminent potential of creative life force, which can only occur in this moment now.IMG_0987

Messianic consciousness

Messianic consciousness is the full realisation of this infinite potential as human – Being. In ancient Greek this is Christos, and it is here now, awaiting our conscious meeting, as told in the story of Mary the Magdalene, who represents the fortified conduit, or tower, between the Divine, the formless Spirit, into form or mind, and which manifests what appears to the mind as the solidity of the body and the outer worlds of appearances.

The outer world of appearances is something like 97% space, so the miracle is that anything appears solid at all, as it blows like an ephemeral mist, passing in and out of form continuously, until the Spirit moves beyond the form, and the form, the persona, dissolves leaving the essence of who and what you are: Consciousness in human form.

To realize the fullness of Life is not a future happening, it is here now in potential, already unfolding. It ‘Is’ before your birth, and before your death or any rebirth, and will be here after you have ceased to come in and out of matter, in your belief that you are a separate entity from the universe around you.Genesis 1:1

Bereshit bara Elohim, et ha-shamain vay et ha-eretz.

The creative, the intense pressure of creativity, is pouring through every cell, every sub-atomic particle. It is in every breath, in your blood and bones, in your flesh and sinew. It is in your words and movements, and it is full of every thing you need to complete your part in the work: Brimming over, into form, into matter.

The meaning of life is to be fully alive.

This is what it means to be the pregnant Virgin. The pregnant Virgin is the messianic consciousness that Mary Magdalene represents: she who is continually pregnant with creative life. She who is – continually dissolving her past, letting go of her history, and embracing her potential, as the present moment.IMG_0011

She who writes the book of life, the new-born, giving birth continuously, nurturing life continuously. She who is the Wise Woman, the receptive giver, the holder of the conduit of consciousness between Heaven and Earth, knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and here now, open within you. She who is – the weaver of the basket of Moses, the Ark of Noah.

In Hebrew Noah means to be still, and Noah is called Yalad in Hebrew, which means the midwife, and the New-born; continuously new-born, continuously mid-wifing, aiding the birth of new life, witnessing the birth of new life, in every star, in every galaxy, nurturing the young.

Infant stars

In galaxies there are nurseries and in each star, there are different types of solar systems, primary and secondary formations of Life.

Take a conscious breath, be still, in which all thought subsides, just feel the timelessness of the creative. Feel it in your blood and bones, in your breath, in your heart-beat, in your hands and fingers, your feet and toes, your legs and arms, your back and breasts, Feel it in the spine, the gut, the internal organs, in the coccyx, in the genitals.

Feel it radiating up the spine. This is the Magdala, opening through the solar plexus, opening through the heart, the throat, opening through the pineal gland.

Now put your conscious attention into the left hemisphere of your brain, breathe into it, and then bring that attention across into your right hemisphere. Holding that awareness in the right mind, feeling the pineal gland behind the forehead at the top of the spine, connected directly with the heart, with the solar plexus, with your creative energy that is upwelling, the mythical eternal spring.The same intense energy that birthed you into form and matter is here within you now, and all our fellow creatures gather together, finding their nesting places, finding the nurturing creativity where they feel welcome, and able to be, and able to sustain the life of the world.

As you gather into your centre on the inbreath, your radiate on the out-breath through the six directions, and the more centred you are, the more fully you can be present in the world.

The Seed of Life

It is the Magdalene, who brings, continuously, in this timeless Presence, the Messianic consciousness through into form and matter.

So listen, listen to the silence and feel the stillness. Hear the music of the spheres, the music of the stars, and feel the planets resonate through you, as you resonate through them. Feel the sun awakening within you, as you awaken within the sun.

A meaning of the name Elohim.

You are now co-creating as Aleph, Lamed, Hey, Yod, Mem. No-thing and All, moving into life, following the creative patterns that are already laid before you and carrying the seed of timeless infinite potential, into the spaciousness of the womb of space.IMG_4272

We light the Menorah, the representation of the Tree of Life, Etz Haim, and we are lighting it for humanity and for all our fellow creatures. But it is humanity that needs it more than any other, because all others creatures are rooted in the Divine, in the Universe of Spirit.

Humanity has forgotten its instructions, Humanity has drifted without a rudder, and we are here to join with all the other creatures in birthing the new age of humanity. Adam means universal humanity, and Heva means the Great Circle of Life, which humanity knows itself by consciously embracing. Adam as Heva is the embracing of this circle: The community of life.IMG_0852

So it is through this feminine power that spirituality is rebirthing, the newness of life, which creativity demands.

Listen with all of your attention. Breathe with awareness. Hear the silence.

Feel the still Presence, take in your surroundings. Realise that you are a still point in that creative Presence, floating in spaciousness and anchored in the Earth, and in your body, which is as spacious as the cosmos.

Awakening to the Tree of Life

You are the Tree of Life in human form, a microcosmic reflection of the Universe. To begin to realise this is to consciously inhabit your body, and to live within awareness of non-duality. 

artwork by Melissa Martinez called Getting to know the Tree of Life, sacred geometry.

This wonderful artwork by Melissa Martinez called Getting to know… Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry – utilizing the hand-drawn diagram below from the book Patterns of Creation, depicts beautifully the inner reality of the Tree of Life. Every Woman and Man is a Tree of Life – a microcosm of the Universe in human form.

Tree of Life

Hand-drawn diagram of The Tree of Life. From the book Patterns of Creation. Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John.

The word for tree in ancient Hebrew is Etz. This word is deeply significant and has three profound meanings. It signifies firstly the totality of multi-dimensional life, in all its beauty and diversity: The World Tree, consciousness beholding consciousness through the diversity of everything that exists.

The second meaning is spinal cord. This takes us beyond the vertebrae and the skeletal structure of the physical body. It refers to the central axis of your entire spiritual, physical and psychological being, your vitality, right down to the cellular level. 

The third meaning is “building blocks” – the building blocks of life, not only that which is visible and tangible, but the deep underlying structures at the cellular and atomic levels.

DNA background

The Tree of Life is not a theory, something to believe in, or that needs to be endlessly discussed. It is our spiritual reality, our wholeness, connecting us directly with the life of the physical body, and the life of the Earth and all our fellow creatures.

To truly realise Etz Ha-Haim – The Tree of Life – bring all of your attention to this abundant vitality of life within. This vitality has its source in the formless Spiritual dimension at your core, and continually creates your mind and body, out of the timeless Present Moment.

Sit or stand quietly and breathe with awareness, breathing from the base of the spine so that the breath deepens naturally.

Enjoy the feelings of increasing aliveness, following the breath as it enters and leaves the body. Through each conscious breath you are connecting with the vitality of Life – both inner and outer – in all its magnificent diversity. From here you enter space without thought, simply being present. img_0795

Through conscious breathing, and enjoying the vitality that continually creates and sustains the body, the mind becomes still.  Silent space opens within; inner and outer merge, are realised as One.
Through the practice of the Conscious Breath of Life, realisation comes that you are a multi-dimentional being, connected to every living thing in the natural world, the solar system, and the Cosmos.


“You are a Tree of Life, a living vine, connected to all that is unfolding in the natural world, the solar system and stars. You have within you the water and the wine, and beyond these symbols of form and Spirit, the light of consciousnes that continually gives birth to, and sustains, Creation.” From the book Patterns of Creation. Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John.

At your heart, you are rooted in the Eternal Present – I Am, timeless Now – out of which everything is created, formed and made into the life of the Cosmos.

The Tree of Life represents the still and silent spaciousness out of which the creativity of Universal Life continually emerges. This is always accessible to you. It is only through identification with the thought forms in the unobserved mind that you lose connection with timeless creative space. With its addiction to drama and crisis, the unobserved mind is always trying to make one problem after another. Then the spiritual dimension seems remote and inaccessible, and you feel disconnected from life.


As you practice conscious breathing, movement and speaking in daily life, you open the possibility to consciously choose to be free from the collective and individual negative thought forms that torment us, and drain our life. Breathing and being present in all the little things of daily life, through all these seemingly insignificant routines and gestures, gives back the freedom of creative space.

Then you realize that in reality creative space has never left you. You are the Tree of Life in human form.

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Be the conscious breath

“Be still (become silent within – no mind) 
And know (as revelation)
The I that is Elohim (Presence – The Unity of Life).
Elohim will raise up (spiritually awaken) unconscious humanity.
Elohim exalts the whole created Earth.”
Psalm 46:10 (My translation from the Hebrew).
2014-10-15 04.35.54
What is the “I” that is Elohim?

The Hebrew letters Elohim are a meditation, and have always been mistranslated as God. But Elohim is not, and never has been, a deity. To experience the “I that is Elohim” directly is one of the most profound mystical teachings in the Bible.


Take a conscious breath: be aware of the spine, let it be straight but not tense, with each conscious breath you are allowing the soles of the feet to connect with the Earth. Consciously connecting with the Earth, allowing it to support you, deepens the Presence in which the mind becomes still and silent.

Be aware, that as the spine relaxes, it elongates: you are allowing space between the vertebrae from the coccyx to the cranium. As you breathe out, be aware of the space before the in-breath, a pause that allows the breath to draw in naturally, without effort. As your shoulders and arms release tension, the chest opens, so that you feel space opening out from your centre, around the heart and solar-plexus.

Triple circles tree 1

The Tree of Life showing the sacred geometry of life through the six directions of space. (Hand-drawn diagram from the book Patterns of Creation.)

Once you gain a deeper sense of inner stillness, become aware that Elohim – Presence -Unifying field of Life; Source of your Being – connects you with the whole of created existence.

This eternal Presence radiates from deep within you, through the six directions of space.


This radiant Spirit is everywhere, in everything, the Source of all life.IMG_4512

From a greater awareness of life expressing itself in diversity on the Earth, become aware of your connection with the planets in the Solar system.

Earth and Moon - Hubble images

The Earth and its Moon exist in symbiotic relationship as part of the great dance of life.

Be aware of the central point of the Solar system – the Sun – and through the Sun, your connection with the galaxy and the entire Cosmos. Everything is alive, everything is being breathed into existence.

Sun showing Solar flares - Hubble images

What we view in the sky is the core of the Sun. We live within the radiant body of the Sun, our physical bodies are made from the energy of the Sun and other stars.

As you breathe in, bring this awareness back to the center within you, beyond body and mind, beyond form. As you release the breath, be aware of the formless creative Spirit that breathes you: be aware that you are being breathed.

Elohim is the timeless source of all life, out of which you are continually created. As your awareness of the I that is Elohim increases, the sense of  an egocentric “I” and “mine” begins to diminish.

Star birth cloud - Hubble imagesYou are the living breath of the Universe in human form.
Breathe consciously, allow the conscious breath to carry you on your journey through life, with, and as, the creative pulse of life.
The universe is breathing you, and when you are conscious of the Eternal timeless Presence, the I that is Elohim, the universal breath flows through you.

Meditation on Bereshith – Creativity


Meditation at Sunset, Namibian 2015



These six Hebrew ciphers (letter-numbers) that form Bereshith open the Torah. They are a profound meditation on creation and creativity.

Bereshith is a meditation on the creativity of a multi-dimensional Universe; the creativity of the totality of Life.

All creativity, and the universal creation, take place here, in this moment, now. 

From out of silent stillness, all movement – space-time – continually emerges, becoming multiplicity of forms that continually pass away into the formless essence from whence they came.

Behind the continual emergence of form is great power, beyond anything that the mind can conceive.  Creativity, the continual creation of life is within you, in every conscious breath that you take.  

You are the universal song of life in human form, the great dance in all of its potential.

IMG_5461When you still the mind, and in that inner silence, feel this reality within you, it appears to you as the essence of every form, dancing around you, and you feel that same dance within you.

IMG_5615Bereshith is the Eternal Present Moment out of which Creativity continually emerges, to become what the mind experiences as form and matter.

Beneath the Surface there is no object – only a communion of subjects.

IMG_5616In Bereshith all subject object relationships dissolve into union.

hs interacting galaxy pairIn Bereshith both past and future are consumed into the Presence of The Now. Every creative act takes place in the Present Moment, which is timeless, formless, space.

When you breathe consciously, with awareness of the universal life force that manifests your mind and body, you are entering that Eternal Presence, the Essence of every form of Life.

This meditation can only convey something of what the Hebrew letters of Bereshith point to. If you would like to further explore the depth of meaning contained in the Hebrew letters, you can read my other post on Bereshith here.

Or contact me directly through this site.

Spiritual and Creative Retreats In France

Realising Inner Space through the Conscious Breath. Finding freedom to expand and Be.



View from the garden

Practicing conscious presence connects you to the creative potential within yourself and the whole of life.

In the teachings of Kabbalah, the Hebrew word for this deeper awareness is Tipheret: 


The meaning of Tipheret is Conscious Presence – the radiant Sun of consciousness which shines in beauty, goodness and truth as the heart of your Being.

This is universal, beyond time, and mind-made cultural divisions, and it lives within each person, and within all life, in the Unity of Being.

Tipheret connotes movement out of stillness – the observing consciousness remains in the stillness of peace during all our activities and the challenges that life presents to us.

Through the Hebrew letters, Tipheret means consciously meeting life in whatever form it comes to us. Then we can co-create with life while simultaneously releasing the past, which allows space for the new emerge out of the Eternal Presence.

Staying connected to inner Presence whilst the surface of life – the realm of the mind – continually changes is the essence of meditation, which enables you to bring this deeper awareness into your daily life.

IMG_4272The Light of Tipheret and the Tree of Life.

The lit candles of the Menorah represent the Tree of Life, an ancient and universal symbol for  the living Presence at the heart of your Being.

To light the candles is to awaken to the Conscious Breath, the life-force manifesting the body, and connect directly with the light of consciousness within all life.


Dawn on New Years Day at theRetreat Centre.

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