My name is STEVE POPE, I have been a practicing mystic in the Kabbalistic tradition for over thirty years. As a young man back in the early 1980’s I started a search for a deeper meaning to life. I felt that all the questions I had regarding life could not be answered by the doctrines and dogmas of any orthodox religion. So I began meditating, and studying the teachings of Eastern mysticism, Western psychology and philosophy and eventually found my way back to rereading the Bible.

Moving beyond Belief.

My inner awakening led to my meeting and working with several mystics from the Jewish and Christian traditions who were free of dogmatic limitations. This gave me the desire to go to university and study the Bible in its original Greek and Hebrew. Through deepening my studies and meditations, I discovered that all word for word translations are inadequate and that most interpretations are based on a very limited understandings, and beliefs.

I gained a Diploma in Humanistic Psychology and then went on to do a B.D and MA in Theology and Religious Studies at Bangor University in North Wales, Great Britain. I have continued to translate Greek and Hebrew Biblical texts to help make the spiritual ideas and teachings within them accessible to others. The joy of this for me has been the uncovering of the archetypal patterns that exist within the texts. Working with the original language, in a meditative state, allows the teachings to open out and come alive within the present moment, into a sense of non-duality, and a knowing, beyond the thinking mind.

Living in the Present Moment

The Mystical teachings preserved in the mythological stories of the Bible speak to us now about the inner world of every human being, and every form of life; calling us to experience this timeless and formless dimension here and now. This unified space, has no past or future, it is the timeless eternal present; the realisation of I Am – Eternal Presence, within every woman and man, and all forms of life.

All true mystical teachings are universal and allow you to find your own truth. There is no external authority: nothing between you and the Eternal Presence and the spiritual dimensions within you. This is not exceptional – it is your natural state. It only seems exceptional because so many of us have become unconscious to the presence of eternal life that lies within us now, connecting us to every form of life.

I have been working with people from many different cultures in workshops and seminars for over twenty-five years. One of the most important experiences was living and teaching in Mexico, and seeing how Native Americans naturally united their own indigenous traditions and shamanic practices with Christianity. The people I met naturally came from a mystical understanding that transcended the ordinary boundaries between forms of belief.

Connecting with the Great Circle of Life

Meetings with the animal souls – particularly the great whales that feed and breed in Mexican waters – has been another revelation of connection across the boundaries that the mind places between humans and other species. The connection with animals and the life of nature is another way into the spiritual realm.

I live in Southern France, or Occitania, which was a place of high culture during the Middle Ages. Although the region is best known for the Cathars, it was a place of meeting for mystical and philosophical ideas and practices between Christians, Jews and Muslims for many centuries. There are times and places where people from different backgrounds, cultures and traditions have met in Peace, and truly understood the meaning of Peace; it is urgent that we rediscover this Peace now, if we are to take the next step in human evolution. This can only happen through your increased spiritual presence, here, now.

The Gospel of John has always been the most important Gospel text for mystics. I have  written the book called Patterns of Creation – Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John, which you will find described on the pages of this blog.

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  1. Steve, I’ve just finished reading and meditating through your profound book, which you so kindly sent some months ago…today googled you and found this wonderful blog….Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Great to reconnect with a companion of the way….more to follow.

    • Hello Michael, it is really amazing to hear from you after so many years,I can’t remember when we last saw each other, sometime in the late 90s I think. And thank you for your kind words about the book. As you say it is really good to reconnect with a companion of the way. I look forward to continuing our “catching up” with each other. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Steve. I’ve been reading Patterns of Creation, and I can honestly say that it’s the most profound and transcendent book I’ve read since Tolle’s A New Earth. Thank you so much for bringing the deeper truth of the biblical stories into the light. I’m so sorry to have missed your workshop at the Abbey Sutton Courtenay last September (I’m a regular visitor there), are you planning to another any time this year?

    • Hi Chris, thank you very much for your comments, and I am very glad to hear that you are enjoying working with the teachings in the book. As you have observed all spiritual teachings point to the same truth or awakening once we see beneath the symbolism, and strip away all of the dogmas. I really enjoyed doing the workshop at Sutton Courtenay last year, and have spoken with Brad about doing more this year – we have yet to arrange any dates, but hopefully they will be in contact with me soon. Very best wishes to you, Steve

  3. Hi Steve,
    I am so thrilled to hear about your journey and will order “Patterns of Creation” immediately! I don’t know if you remember me from Bangor University, but I now live just a stones throw from the house you lived in for a while in Old Colwyn, by the stream in Tan-y-Coed Gardens. My own journey has led me through studying with the last person to know Mr. Gurdjieff personally, and then to a series of Naqshbandi Sheikhs. I am so pleased that you followed the Light to the Cathar country. The synchronicities in all this are amazing!I
    With All Good Wishes,
    Emily Mynne

    P.S. Please drop me an email if you have the time. I send my deepest congratulations.

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