New – A Foundation Course in Mystical Hebrew

Patterns of Creation - Tree of Life

This course opens up the spiritual depths of the Hebrew Letter-Numbers and some of their key sacred texts, by approaching them through meditation, contemplation and the breath.

Begins Tuesday September 19 2023/19.30 CET on Zoom

With a Free Introductory Webinar on Tuesday September 5 2023

A New Foundation Course with Stephen Pope BD MA
Online via Zoom. Beginning September 2023

A free 1-hour Zoom class will introduce the course on Tuesday 5 September at 19.30 CET (Paris). Zoom Link on request.

The 6-week course itself begins on Tuesday September 19th and continues until Tuesday 24 October. Each session begins at 19.30 CET (Paris) and lasts 90 minutes.

This course is live and interactive, taught on Zoom. We will open up the profoud spiritual depths of the Hebrew Letter-Numbers together through meditation, contemplation and the breath.

The Hebrew Letters speak to us directly from the spiritual dimension, out of which the Creation – Bereshith in Hebrew, – continually emerges, here and now.

Throughout this course, we will learn how to make our own personal bond with the Letters, and allow their healing energies to resonate inside. We also explore the creative patterns that are woven through key passages of the sacred Hebrew texts: the Book of Genesis, Bereshith, and the Song of Songs, Shir Ha Shirim.

We come to know that everything described in these sacred texts is alive within us: that we are multi-dimensional beings, in communion with the universal Consciousness of Creation.

Course Cost: £110/$140/130 euros.

For more information or to receive the zoom links and make a booking on the course, please contact Stephen Pope

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