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8 Lessons (go at your own pace)

We continue our studies of Mystical Hebrew with Steve Pope. 8 sessions series combining meditation on the Hebrew letters and deepening into the “spiritual codes/formulas” in the text of the 10 Sayings (Commandments). So we’ll go deeper into the names/codes of Ashera, Elohim, Moshe, Israel, Yahweh. We’ve done a great job re-imagining the 10 Commandments into the 10 Life-Giving Sayings. There is so much more to discover.

So in this 8 lesson series, Steve will help us ground & anchor the 10 Sayings in our everyday life. We’ll have more time and spaciousness to talk about how to balance the left and right brains and clear old thought forms/distorted teachings. And we’ll contemplate the names (Asherah, Israel etc) as spiritual formulas.

Course comprises pre-recorded audio-visual materials and supplementary PDFs, all of which may be followed at your own pace, and reviewed as often as you wish.

Price: $99

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