Workshop in France

Soul Whispering at the Garden Gate
invites you to a week-long retreat:

Awakening into Creation – the Spirit of Sexuality & and the Essence of the Wild;
Undoing our disconnections and re-aligning with the Indigenous Soul.

Why are we not set in the midst of what is most mysteriously ours? How we have to creep round about it and get into it in the end; like burglars and thieves, we get into our own beautiful sex, in which we lose our way and knock ourselves and stumble and finally rush out of again, like men caught transgressing, into the twilight of Christianity. Why, if guilt or sin had to be invented because of the inner tension of the spirit, why did they not attach it to some other part of our body, why did they let it fall on that part, waiting till it dissolved in our pure source and poisoned and muddied it? Why have they made our sex homeless, instead of making it the place for the festival of our competency?”
Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

How did we come to forget our intimate connection to all of Existence? How did we lose our sense of where we are and how much we belong? How did it come about that such a collective memory loss could have been sustained for so long?

Maybe we have never forgotten completely. Maybe humanity is within the birthing of a collective awakening that has never been possible before.  What if the time we are now living in, is the time that the Wise Ones from all traditions throughout the ages have kept the flame alive for?

Humanity has taken a difficult path into worship of the ego that has brought much unnecessary pain and suffering to ourselves and the rest of life. We have become a prodigal species; but this divisive path can also become an opening into spiritual awakening:

What if we can still the voice of fear that tells us all has gone wrong long enough to again hear the Soul Whispering of the deep, life sustaining Feminine Principle calling us back home. What if through listening intently we realise that we stand on the threshold of a greater consciousness that is our birth right; a threshold where we are initiated into human – being of the universe, rather than identifying with this egoic entity that sees itself as separate or a unique species within the vastness of dead and random matter?

During this weeklong retreat, we will reveal the depths of inner meaning of the spiritual teachings hidden within our sacred texts. Through meditation and open-hearted exchanges, we will know them as our inner reality, and allow their depth and beauty to come alive within us. 

artwork by Melissa Martinez called Getting to know… Tree of Life, sacred geometry

Realising he Tree of Life within. (Artwork by Melissa Martinez)

Within this context we will consider the value and meaning of our origins: from our androgynous source we are born into Masculine and Feminine sexual forms and energies, with their resultant sexual dynamics and loving abilities; consciously re-connection with our source is what initiates us into  awakening to ourselves as universal beings, able to access our inherent co-creative potential by combining our sexual energies with an awareness (love) of the sacredness of life, thus placing a maturing humanity on a trajectory that  goes  far beyond the mere survival of our egos and the procreation of our species.

We will ground our reflections and experiences through mindful body movement and time spent in meditation with nature: in our collective group and in spaces of solitude.

The whole week is dedicated to un-learning restricting beliefs regarding spirituality, sexuality and the concept of an inanimate world; coming home to ourselves, we are met by our Indigenous Soul – the Wild Soul that dances to the heartbeat of the Universe, feet firmly planted in embodied reality and gratitude and in conscious kinship to all of life in all its forms reminds us that we are all indigenous to the Earth and Cosmos.

When:  Sat. 7th – Fri 13th Sept. 2019.

The retreat will be limited to max. 10 participants.

Venue:  Les Squilorie. 

Set in the hills of northern Tarn near the historic towns of Cordes-sur-Ciel, Najac, Monesties and St Antonin-Noble-Val, the Domaine de Lesquilourié is a beautifully restored bastide farmhouse situated within 17 hectares of gardens and woodland with a 12m x 6m Swimming Pool.

Cost per person:    

€ 440 per person tuition fees; 

€ 560 accommodation for 6 nights in double or twin rooms and all food & drinks. 

Limited single room occupation available for an extra €200. 

Who are we? 

—Eleanor O’Hanlon  :

Eleanor O’Hanlon is an award-winning writer and conservationist with a passion for re-connecting with the inner, spiritual dimension of the animals and the natural world. Her book Eyes of the Wild takes the reader on a series of journeys from Baja California to the Arctic pack ice, to meet whales and wolves, polar bears, brown bears and wild horses.  The journeys are guided by remarkable biologists and indigenous observers, who are renewing ancient ways of inner connection with the wild. As scientific observation meets indigenous wisdom and story-telling, we come to know the animals as guides to deeper relationship with life.  

Eleanor is a contributor to BBC Wildlife, Parabola, Kosmos and other magazines, to Dark Mountain and the Spiritual Ecology anthology The Cry of the Earth. 

—Stephen Pope :

Stephen Pope is an author and teacher of awakening through the Jewish mystical tradition, known as Kabbalah. He is dedicated to revealing the power and beauty of sacred texts, and letting the creative song of mystical Hebrew be heard again. His experiences of communion with wild animals, in particular the gray whales and the elephants, have also given him direct openings into the spiritual dimension. Steve has a BD and MA in Religious Studies, and is trained in Humanistic Psychology. His book Patterns of Creation is an exploration of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John.  

—Helena Løvendal :

A senior psychotherapist, teacher and trainer of other professionals with over 30 years of experience,.Her unique approach evolved over many years out of her own personal development work and professional training with leading teachers from around the world, spanning the fields of: Psychoanalysis, Depth Psychology, Family Therapy & Systems Theory, Body- Psychotherapy, Integral approaches, Sexual Grounding Therapy®, Post-Jungian thought, Yoga, Tantric teachings, Indigenous teachings and Native American Shamanism. More recently she have been inspired by the new developments within Interpersonal Neurobiology and Neuroscience.

Helena is passionate about re-connecting men and women to their natural power and beauty and their innate potentials for living wholehearted and passionate lives, enjoying loving and deeply fulfilling lives and relationships. When not working in London or abroad, she lives close to nature in the deep south of France, learning how to grow plants and vegetables and live a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, while enjoying family, friends and animals and time alone to write.

Her first book “Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy – a Guide to Passionate Relationships when The ‘Honeymoon’ is over”, co-authored with N. Duffell, was published by HarperCollins in 2002, re-published in 2010 by Lone Arrow Press and translated into several languages.

Helena is currently working on the follow-up book that will explore the connection 

between love and sex and men and women’s masculine and feminine qualities- and what happens emotionally, psychologically and spiritually when men and women embrace these life force energies to develop our full 

human potentials.

“Awakening means you see the reality that on one level we are separate… you are you and I am me. 

And, on another level, we are part of something larger that connects us—whatever name you give to that. 

Even to give it a name is to limit what is a limitless experience. 

That’s really the goal of all spiritual practices once you get rid of the things that we divide and conquer and fight and kill each other over.” 

– Dr. Dean Ornish

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