Meditation on the Tree of Life

Put your conscious attention into the base of the spine, the coccyx, and feel it supported in the Earth.

Feel the fullness of the spine rising up, shooting forth like a tree, its rootedness in the earth. As the awareness rises up the spine, the roots mirror the trunk, spreading out and down into the earth beneath your feet.

The trunk puts forth branches into the air, leafing leaf, budding, fruiting, and you are breathing from the base, opening up the trunk into the solar plexus and the heart, opening out through the 6 directions with each breath.

Inhabiting your space.

With each conscious breath, your conscious attention in this moment now, become aware of the vitality already present in the spine, in the body. This energy radiates out through the six directions, encompassing the Earth, the Moon, and the planets, pulsating life coming out of the core, from the timeless, formless essence of who you are.

This is the essential part of you that never moves and never speaks; the part of you that is always present and always creative. An intense aliveness, burning through the mists of the unobserved mind, rising in splendour like the Sun. Through your attention, in this moment, now, consciousness enters into the world, which is the inner meaning of Yisrael, to rise in splendour, as the Sun: To become conscious of being conscious.

If your mind wanders into any thought streams, bring your attention back into this moment, focusing on the real.

The real is the pulsation of life, arising from the core of who you are. You are suspended in deep space; the planet is floating beneath you, held within the field of consciousness or gravity that gathers into its center, the Star in which we move, around the outer arm of the galaxy, the galaxy which is also spinning around its axis, its spinal cord, its point of vanishing.

In Hebrew the vanishing point is Daath, the 11th dimension. We are multi-dimensional beings, inhabiting a multi-dimensional universe, and all the creatures that inhabit it with us are also multi-dimensional. There is nothing that does not come from the Spirit of the Breath of Life.


Bereshit in Hebrew is the creative immanence of Aleph, the intangible no-thing, and the essence of all, here but not-here, continually emerging and disappearing, a unified field of multiple centers out of which all life continually arises.

Aleph is carried up on the fire of the Breath, the Shin, birthing itself as a trillion, trillion stars, countless sub-atomic particles, countless centers of consciousness, each a Yod, a seeding seed. Every possible possibility, infinite potential, is here, now, within you.

And when you breathe consciously you are not just taking in oxygen, but the Spirit of the Breath, which feeds you on all levels, and it is this formless presence that pushes out to the surface of Life through the 6 directions, manifesting your mind and through mind, your body.

The body will pass away, and so too the mind, but consciousness has no time and no place. It is sometimes called all times and all places. All are One. It is the deathless, the Eternal, no time, no past, no future, only the imminent potential of creative life force, which can only occur in this moment now.

Messianic consciousness

Messianic consciousness is the full realisation of this infinite potential as human – Being. In ancient Greek this is Christos, and it is here now, awaiting our conscious meeting, as told in the story of Mary the Magdalene, who represents the fortified conduit, or tower, between the Divine, the formless Spirit, into form or mind, and which manifests what appears to the mind as the solidity of the body and the outer worlds of appearances.

The outer world of appearances is something like 97% space, so the miracle is that anything appears solid at all, as it blows like an ephemeral mist, passing in and out of form continuously, until the Spirit moves beyond the form, and the form, the persona, dissolves leaving the essence of who and what you are: Consciousness in human form.

To realize the fullness of Life is not a future happening, it is here now in potential, already unfolding. It ‘Is’ before your birth, and before your death or any rebirth, and will be here after you have ceased to come in and out of matter, in your belief that you are a separate entity from the universe around you.

Bereshit bara Elohim, et ha-shamain vay et ha-eretz.

The creative, the intense pressure of creativity, is pouring through every cell, every sub-atomic particle. It is in every breath, in your blood and bones, in your flesh and sinew. It is in your words and movements, and it is full of every thing you need to complete your part in the work: Brimming over, into form, into matter.

The meaning of life is to be fully alive.

This is what it means to be the pregnant Virgin. The pregnant Virgin is the messianic consciousness that Mary Magdalene represents: she who is continually pregnant with creative life. She who is – continually dissolving her past, letting go of her history, and embracing her potential, as the present moment.

She who writes the book of life, the new-born, giving birth continuously, nurturing life continuously. She who is the Wise Woman, the receptive giver, the holder of the conduit of consciousness between Heaven and Earth, knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and here now, open within you. She who is – the weaver of the basket of Moses, the Ark of Noah.

In Hebrew Noah means to be still, and Noah is called Yalad in Hebrew, which means the midwife, and the New-born; continuously new-born, continuously mid-wifing, aiding the birth of new life, witnessing the birth of new life, in every star, in every galaxy, nurturing the young.

Infant stars

In galaxies there are nurseries and in each star, there are different types of solar systems, primary and secondary formations of Life.

Take a conscious breath, be still, in which all thought subsides, just feel the timelessness of the creative. Feel it in your blood and bones, in your breath, in your heart-beat, in your hands and fingers, your feet and toes, your legs and arms, your back and breasts, Feel it in the spine, the gut, the internal organs, in the coccyx, in the genitals.

Feel it radiating up the spine. This is the Magdala, opening through the solar plexus, opening through the heart, the throat, opening through the pineal gland.

Now put your conscious attention into the left hemisphere of your brain, breathe into it, and then bring that attention across into your right hemisphere. Holding that awareness in the right mind, feeling the pineal gland behind the forehead at the top of the spine, connected directly with the heart, with the solar plexus, with your creative energy that is upwelling, the mythical eternal spring.

The same intense energy that birthed you into form and matter is here within you now, and all our fellow creatures gather together, finding their nesting places, finding the nurturing creativity where they feel welcome, and able to be, and able to sustain the life of the world.

As you gather into your centre on the inbreath, your radiate on the out-breath through the six directions, and the more centred you are, the more fully you can be present in the world.

The Seed of Life

It is the Magdalene, who brings, continuously, in this timeless Presence, the Messianic consciousness through into form and matter.

So listen, listen to the silence and feel the stillness. Hear the music of the spheres, the music of the stars, and feel the planets resonate through you, as you resonate through them. Feel the sun awakening within you, as you awaken within the sun.

A meaning of the name Elohim.

You are now co-creating as Aleph, Lamed, Hey, Yod, Mem. No-thing and All, moving into life, following the creative patterns that are already laid before you and carrying the seed of timeless infinite potential, into the spaciousness of the womb of space.

We light the Menorah, the representation of the Tree of Life, Etz Haim, and we are lighting it for humanity and for all our fellow creatures. But it is humanity that needs it more than any other, because all others creatures are rooted in the Divine, in the Universe of Spirit.

Humanity has forgotten its instructions, Humanity has drifted without a rudder, and we are here to join with all the other creatures in birthing the new age of humanity. Adam means universal humanity, and Heva means the Great Circle of Life, which humanity knows itself by consciously embracing. Adam as Heva is the embracing of this circle: The community of life.

So it is through this feminine power that spirituality is rebirthing, the newness of life, which creativity demands.

Listen with all of your attention. Breathe with awareness. Hear the silence.

Feel the still Presence, take in your surroundings. Realise that you are a still point in that creative Presence, floating in spaciousness and anchored in the Earth, and in your body, which is as spacious as the cosmos.