Spiritual and Creative Retreats In France

Realising Inner Space through the Conscious Breath. Finding freedom to expand and Be.
View from the garden

Practicing conscious presence connects you to the creative potential within yourself and the whole of life.

In the teachings of Kabbalah, the Hebrew word for this deeper awareness is Tipheret: 


The meaning of Tipheret is Conscious Presence – the radiant Sun of consciousness which shines in beauty, goodness and truth as the heart of your Being.

This is universal, beyond time, and mind-made cultural divisions, and it lives within each person, and within all life, in the Unity of Being.

Tipheret connotes movement out of stillness – the observing consciousness remains in the stillness of peace during all our activities and the challenges that life presents to us.

Through the Hebrew letters, Tipheret means consciously meeting life in whatever form it comes to us. Then we can co-create with life while simultaneously releasing the past, which allows space for the new emerge out of the Eternal Presence.

Staying connected to inner Presence whilst the surface of life – the realm of the mind – continually changes is the essence of meditation, which enables you to bring this deeper awareness into your daily life.


The Light of Tipheret and the Tree of Life.

The lit candles of the Menorah represent the Tree of Life, an ancient and universal symbol for  the living Presence at the heart of your Being.

To light the candles is to awaken to the Conscious Breath, the life-force manifesting the body, and connect directly with the light of consciousness within all life.

Dawn on New Years Day at theRetreat Centre.

To practice this more deeply join us on one of our retreats here in Southern France. For more details please click on the link to our retreats website below. 

Link to our retreats website: www.meditationretreatsinfrance.com

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