Weekend Workshop at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay

Saturday the 19th and Sunday 20th of September 2015

  The Kabbalah

   Awakening to Unity

  with Stephen Pope

 “At your core is your spiritual Being. It is accessible to you now. This is the essence of Kabbalah.”

Kabbalah teaches that the spiritual dimension is not distant or separate. It is present within us right now, as the core of our being and the Essence of who we really are. Only our mind-made sense of separation and fear keep us from awakening to the direct experience of Unity and Peace with all life.

Patterns of Creation - book coverLike the mystics and shamans of every culture, as we awaken spiritually, we make the mystical, journeys of ascent into the formless heavenly realities, and descent into the life of the body and the natural world and know them both as aspects of the One Creation.

This weekend we will work with some of the most powerful gateways to spiritual awakening – expanding awareness through meditation and the conscious breath, awakening the vital energy of the body and connecting with the animal spirits and the living Earth.

From this comes true freedom, as we transcend the mind dominated by ego to know our Unity with all life and realize the Peace and Stillness of Sacred Presence at our core.

A practicing mystic in the Kabbalistic tradition for over thirty years and a meditation teacher for the past 20 years, Steve Pope has a B.D and MA in Theology and translates Greek and Hebrew Biblical texts. His book Patterns of Creation –Axis Mundi Books, June 2012. Is a radical and acclaimed exploration of the mystical teachings in the Gospel of John.

 10.00am Saturday – 4.00pm Sunday, including evening session on Saturday                           

Please book in advance. Price includes accommodation and all meals   £165
You can join us for this companion Friday evening session as well  at a special price with two nights accommodation   £190

The Heart of the Wild

 7 – 9pm on Friday 18th September
with Eleanor O’Hanlon and Stephen Pope 

eyesofwildplusaward small

The mystical and shamanic traditions teach that all life is conscious, interconnected and whole and we humans can commune with the spirits of minerals, plants, animals and the Earth itself. Western science and religious dogma broke that connection between humans and other life.

But now western science and shamanic teachings have begun to meet – many leading researchers in animal behaviour have come to see animals as conscious individuals that can choose to interact and commune with us.

Award-winning author Eleanor O’Hanlon speaks about this recent revolution and shares her own experiences of intimate connection with wild creatures from the desert elephants and rhinos of Namibia to the gray whales in Baja California. And with guided meditation, Stephen Pope takes us deeper into direct experience of inner connection with the animal spirits and the living Earth.

Eleanor O’Hanlon is a writer and conservationist. Her book Eyes of the Wild won the 2014 Nautilus Gold Award for Nature Writing. http:www.eyesofthewild.org

  £12 suggested donation for the Friday evening only 

All bookings through The Abbey Sutton Courtenay:

 The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Oxon OX14 4AF 
Telephone: 01235 847 401 
Email: admin@theabbey.uk.com  

2 thoughts on “Weekend Workshop at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay

  1. /Dear Steve,// // //It is lovely to receive your email below – and hope all is well with you and Elanor. Your workshop looks great – I am giving a workshop on Teresa in Dublin that weekend, so unfortunately I can’t come.// // //It would be great to visit you both sometime in your retreat house, and do you have any free times/weekends over the summer for visitors? Perhaps Barbara and I could visit you together?// // //We are busy here with our contemplative school of the heart programme – we had a wonderful art exhibition over the weekend, full of paintings and my glass icons from the symbolic/inner life and and celebrating spiritual friendship between the Buddhist and christian mystical traditions.// // //All blessings and good wishes,// // //Julienne// //www.contemplativespirituality.org// //// // /

    • Hi Julienne,

      Really amazing to hear from you and glad to hear that your spiritual work is going well, with the contemplative school and your trip to Dublin.

      We are both very well and are working hard on our various projects – both starting the writing process onnew books, and as Eleanor’s is to include Elephants, we are off on a field trip to Namibia in April/May to do some volunteer work in one of the wildlife parks there, observing and counting the Elephants – will see Rhinos and Lions too.

      It would be lovely to see you here and you would be very welcome to stay with us. The Summmer is busy June, July, August the gite is booked out for holiday lets: we also have students staying with us (French teenagers who are doing intensive English) so september anytime after the 21st would be good – the weather is still good – warm/hot up to the end of October – last time Barbara was here it was early October and we had wonderful weather.

      Or if you wanted to visit during March we are also free before Easter (normally April-May would be possible) after the Easter retreat here, but we will leave for Africa around the middle of April and be back late May this year.

      Anyway, have a think about the dates, and it would be fantastic if you could pursued Barbara to come as well, it would be amazing to see you both here together!

      Lots of Love to you, and speak to you soon,

      Steve xxx

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