Meditating stillness in the conscious breath

“Be still (become silent within – no mind) and know (as revelation) the I that is Elohim (The presence of Absolute Life: Being of beings). Absolute Life will raise up (spiritually awaken) unconscious humanity. Absolute Life will exalt the whole created Earth.” Psalm 46:10 (My translation).

The drawing in and out of the waves of the sea are part of the breath of life. All movement returns to the underlying stillness it emerges from in continuous flow.

Take a conscious breath: be aware of the spine, let it be straight but not tense, with each conscious breath you are allowing the soles of the feet to connect with the Earth. Consciously connecting with the Earth, allowing it to support you, requires Presence in which the mind becomes still and silent.

Be aware, that as the spine relaxes, it elongates: you are allowing space between the vertebrae from the coccyx to the cranium. As you breathe out, be aware of the space before the in-breath, a pause that allows the breath to draw in naturally, without effort. As your shoulders and arms release tension, the chest opens, so that you feel space opening out from your centre, around the heart and solar-plexus.

The Tree of Life showing the six directions of space.

Once you gain a deeper sense of inner stillness, become aware that Elohim – the presence of Absolute Life; source of all Being – connects you with the whole of created existence. This eternal Presence radiates from deep within you, through the six directions of space. This radiant Spirit is everywhere, in everything, the source of all life.

The Earth (Eretz in Hebrew) is not a place but rather a multi-layered field of conscious communion, worlds within worlds, in which God beholds God through the creative diversity of life.

From a greater awareness of life expressing itself in diversity on the Earth, become aware of your connection with the planets in the Solar system.

The Earth and its Moon exist in symbiotic relationship as part of the great dance of life.

Be aware of the central point of the Solar system – the Sun – and through the Sun, your connection with the galaxy and the entire Cosmos. Everything is alive, everything is being breathed into existence.

What we view in the sky is the core of the Sun. We live within the radiant body of the Sun, our physical bodies are made from the energy of the Sun and other stars.

As you breathe in, bring this awareness back to the center within you, beyond body and mind, beyond form. As you release the breath be aware of the formless creative Spirit that breathes you: be aware that you are being breathed.

Elohim is the timeless source of all life, out of which you are continually created. As your awareness of the I that is Elohim increases, the sense of  an egocentric “I” and “mine” begins to diminish.

You are the living breath of the Universe. Breathe consciously, allow the conscious breath to carry you on your journey through life, with, and as, the creative pulse of life. The universe is breathing you, and when you are conscious of the Eternal Divine Presence (Elohim) the universe breathes through you.

In Genesis 2:7 Jahveh-Elohim breathes the spirit of life into created humanity: Adam – universal humanity containing both male and female – is formed from the elementary particles that give shape and beauty to the Cosmos, the Solar system, and all the creatures of the abundant, living, Earth. The Divine presence breathes the Neshemah of Life (the breath of life) and Adam becomes a living (awakened) Soul. It is essential to realise that this is not a past event, it is here with you now, awaiting your conscious communion.

When you are born into your physical body, the first breath that you take in the world is the inhalation. When you leave the physical body the last breath you take is the exhalation. Your life and the breath are One. When you become spiritually conscious, you are the creative spirit of life: consciousness realising itself.

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