Interacting pair of galaxies
“Out of the eternal stillness that is Being,
In glorious blaze –

comes space, containing movement everywhere simultaneously
And the seedbed of all life forms in potential
held in that spacial movement.”
(My translation of Genesis 1:1)

The first word in the Bible is Bereshith. It is the name given to the first book of the Torah (commonly called Genesis), and tells us of the continual creation of existence out of Eternal Presence – No-thing.  

In Hebrew Bereshith is made up of six ciphers: letter-numbers.

The six Hebrew Ciphers of Bereshith.
(Read from right to left.)

These are the six so called “days” of creation. This is depicted in the geometric pattern of “The seed of Life.”

The Seed of Life: the six circles continually emerge out of the central circle – the seventh binding principle – the core around which everything revolves and out of which everything evolves.
This central core of stillness can be understood in the fourth commandment,
“Remember the Sabbath day; to keep it Holy.”
The realisation of sacred space,
to consciously reflect on life, and enjoy re-creation.

The first verse of Genesis in Hebrew (read from right to left.)
Each Hebrew letter is a Cipher – both a letter and a number – presenting an image to the mind. It is through these images that the realisation of the formless universe is conveyed to the human Soul.

The usual English translation of the opening verse of Bereshith (Genesis) reads:

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

To truly understand the creation of life in Bereshith, we need to meditate upon the depth of meaning in the Hebrew ideas presented in their original ciphers.

Bereshith is a poem of Life

Biblical Hebrew cannot be translated word for word into any other language.

Each word has a depth of meanings only hinted at in word for word translations.

It is difficult to encapsulate the Hebrew ciphers in language, or conceptualised thought.

One possible, translation of the first verse, which draws out some of the depth of meaning from the Hebrew might read:

“The beginning – creative power – movement out of stillness – not yet an action –
a sequential unfolding in creative (formless) space,
Elohim: Being – Source of all Life – Eternal Presence – Unity – Absolute life,
creates out of pre-time-space eternal now,
enlivened primal Life force, and the seedbed of enlivened primal Life force;
Creative power-movement held in Space – the potential of all life.”

The spiritual, created universe, is formless, non visualisable , continually birthing-forth form, as light-resonant Soul, as the fluidic form and matter of the Cosmos:

the expansive, contractive, vastness of life, held by eternal stillness beyond the comprehension of ordinary human mind:

mere thought cannot comprehend the vastness of consciousness.

Countless Galaxies, the seedbeds of the continual creative patterns of life, are held like blossoms on an invisible Tree.

Another more poetic translation and interpretation of the opening verse of Bereshith might be:

“Out of the eternal stillness that is Being,
In glorious blaze –

comes space, containing movement everywhere simultaneously
And the seedbed of all life forms in potential
held in that spacial movement.”

Creative Space is not only to be found outside our world in the Cosmos containing trillions of Stars and their planets, and billions of vast and distant Galaxies;

Creative Space is right here in front of you now.

Creative Space is in the air that you are Breathing into your lungs now.

With every conscious breath, within every cell in your body, creation continually unfolds Life out of the eternal Present moment: the presence of God.

The opening line of Bereshith tells us that Absolute consciousness – Being,
gives birth to itself.  

The Seed of Life becomes the Flower of Life:
I Am that I Am:
the continual creation of life from out of the Eternal Presence of God: When we breathe with awareness we access the universal creative pattern of life.

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