One Day Workshop


Saturday the 17th of November 2012

10.00am to 5.00pm



Flat A  Rutland House

30 Greencroft Gardens

London NW6 3LT

(Nearest tube station: Finchley Road)

Cost: £40.00

At your core is your spiritual Being. It is accessible to you now. This is the essence of John’s Gospel.

In the beginning was the Word…… This workshop takes you into the depth and beauty of the mystical teachings behind those opening words of Johns Gospel. They tell us that we are intimately connected to the whole of life, all that exists in nature and the vastness of the Cosmos. The eternal source of Being, called Logos – or Word – in the Gospel, is each person’s connection to God, and is accessible Now.

To know this you need to be present, beyond all the distractions of the mind. When the mind is still, you gain the possibility of realising your true essence. The Gospel calls this state of awareness Peace, Christ, and the Kingdom of heaven: it is always present at your very core, just as it is always present in the Earth and the Cosmos into which you are born as a temporary form. The intelligence of life is far greater than the mind can conceive, it is the formless essence out of which all life forms emerge, and into which they dissolve to be reborn as new life.

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