Book Launch

Saturday the 16th of June 2012 4.30pm

 Flat A  Rutland House

30 Greencroft Gardens

London NW6 3LT

(Nearest tube station: Finchley Road)

This book is a radical exploration of the mystical teachings in the Gospel of John.

It helps the reader to experience these spiritual truths for themselves, and go beyond the everyday mind which is dominated by the ego to realize their eternal Being, which Johns Gospel calls Logos.

By approaching the teachings in a meditative state, the symbolism contained within the Greek text opens out and comes alive in the present moment. The Gospel is not a historical document; it speaks directly to each person now and the states of consciousness represented in the stories are accessible now.

The book contains guided meditations to help bring this to life for the reader. This awakening concerns our relationship with the whole of life. Spiritual consciousness means that we are aware of the sacredness of our connections to each other as fellow human beings, and to the creatures of the natural world. Christ and the Logos contain both masculine and feminine in balance; at this critical time, our well-being and that of our fellow creatures is dependent on this realization.

 About the Author

Steve Pope has been a practicing mystic in the Kabbalistic tradition for over thirty years. He has been interested in the teachings of all the World’s mystical traditions, but especially the Judeo-Christian tradition into which he was born. In 1982 he began studying Kabbalah and Mysticism with various Jewish and Christian Mystics He has a B.D. and MA in Theology and translates Greek and Hebrew Biblical texts.


“Patterns of Creation” brings the reader into the creative power of the present. Written with great clarity and considerable scholarship, this book achieves its aim, that of awakening the reader to a greater awareness of the spiritual consciousness that exists in each of us, enfolding us within the greater circle of life of which so many people are largely unaware.

Natasha Hoffman, Author, with Hamilton Hill, of Let the Standing Stones Speak (O-Books) 

The author’s overarching perspective and focus is the ceaseless unfolding of being into becoming, through the Logos itself; and that the “perennial wisdom” must be constantly experienced and enacted if it is to bear fruit. His words have real substance, and a clarity and simplicity that enhances the content of the book and makes it readily accessible to a wide audience. I believe this is a much-needed book with a much-needed message that will not disappoint, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Ingrid Walton  MA Lit. Hum. (Oxon.); Dip. Information Science (City) Translator of Classical Greek and Latin texts.

Contact via email:    Book Launch Flyer – 2

Axis Mundi Books An imprint of John Hunt Publishing

£14.99; $24.95 Paperback; 285pp 978-1-78099-117-7

Available from: Orca Book Services UK & Europe , NBN US , Brumby Books Australia 

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