The light of the Sun seen piercing through clouds in the beautiful Connemara national park, Eire. The light shimmers off the surface

According to the Judeo-Christian Mystical tradition God cannot be contained by existence, and is nothing that we can say is anything. God is referred to as the limitless light that manifests all that exists. God – No-thing, expresses life through every created thing, yet cannot be contained by any created thing nor by the entirety of creation. Light symbolises the Divine presence, and consciousness of the spiritual universe which is without form.

Communion with God comes through our conscious connection with life  which is beyond any ceremony or religious symbolism we might use. Communion takes place whenever and wherever we are receptive to life with all our attention: life is the presence of God manifest through the diversity of all that exists: what we experience through our senses as the external world. Ultimately communion takes us beyond all form.

Communion is the overflowing cup of abundant life which exists in all things. Whenever you awaken spiritually you are a vessel for the Divine, a focal point of consciousness in which the universe perceives itself, in which God beholds God.

This is the miracle of the eucharist which is beyond its symbols of bread and wine.

Communion becomes a permanent shift in consciousness when you accept the eternal presence of universal life into the vessel of the Soul. This means accepting the present moment:  It is timeless and connects you not only with your fellow humans, but with every creature that makes up the vast and diverse web of life.

Learn to be with nature and expand your sense of self: the spirit of life speaks through its many voices to One who is receptive: consciously present.

It was said by one of the great teachers of the second Temple period in Jerusalem that spiritual teaching can only be passed on to someone who already knows (is already awakening spiritually.) This says two things: that the art of consciously receiving can only be passed on to someone who is already experiencing the sense of  peace and unconditional love that comes from the stillness of conscious presence.  And that no teacher can give you anything that you do not already possess: all that any spiritual teacher can do is help bring to your awareness what you already possess.

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